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  1. Its an interesting game i enjoyed it, after taken a break from this Wurm of course.
  2. Ah i see, really enjoy playing it though. MnB2 would draw me out of Wurm Online most of the time and may quit lol.
  3. This is an interesting game, i remember messing with the older series and didnt really stick with it. I got this while on sale last year and noticed they did some major improvement and still playable in Beta Stage. Not that far off from complete game itself. One thing got my attentions is those battle tactics, different type of attacks. Love those long spear and a shield, unfort this Wurm wont except it. Good animations too. Curious, any Wurm fans been messing with this game? I just started, started out a female barbarian in the forest and just pass the tutorial. I need to go over the hot keys, since i didnt know what the hell i was doing, like weapon swap from a bow to melee, etc. The game itself is full pricey, pretty high and not sure when there will be another sale on Steam. Really like to see some serious update in Wurm, compare something more realistic combat stance. Better animations will help alot too.
  4. Already got this, can move on and close the tread if needed.
  5. Yeah, once you make a character, you will need to think ahead about your character. Wouldnt hurt to write down, since the game doesnt support Biography. IE, i am playing a nord, a race from Skyrim and using Skyrim names, as well deed, etc. Things you like to do and dont. I have met alot of players been around for a long time, then they make another and another character. I like to stick with just one, but over the years, you will want to try something different. Btw, welcome back
  6. Try uninstall that Java, if you got both of them, then delete it. Then you will need to find out what Internet Browser you are using, is it 32bit or 64bit, dont want to download both Java for that. For example, if you are using 64bit, download the Java64. Then reboot and launch your Wurm Online, hope that helps. I had the same issues, got both Java installed, believe there were 32 and 64bit for some reasons. So i delete them both, reinstall Java64 and i rarely have any crash and play for many hours.
  7. Thanks Dale, i got that covered, got plenty of dirts around my place now. Just trying to clean up someone mess, by smoothing out the landscape.
  8. Bump, willing pay 50s or more if you have this book
  9. I have spoken to him other day, didnt seem to want to help. So i found someone else willing to work with me. I think he meant, doesnt have a Fo Priest and couldnt help me there, sorry for misunderstanding there.
  10. Ah well i saw few pens got breach, look like someone tried bashing down the fence. New players will have low carpentry skill, plus gonna need good woods can cut, etc. To make up for it. Happen to me several times on Unlimited too. There not much can do about it, unless its on your deed. Btw i did ask that player to give back my dirts, but he wouldnt do it. I knew he took them, there were three full crates of dirts and been working on the fourth one. Sadly he took everything and lied about taken them. Cause i just left there not long ago and travel back there across the lake. Rarely see anyone around these parts anyway. It better for players to be a member to survive in Wurm, otherwise not really going to get anywhere for being non-member or dont pay up. Its rough out there, been doing pretty good so far, least i got a good speed horse to ride on and dont want to get into thick dense forest, that i cannot see where i am going, too risky!
  11. Thank, that is very nice of you I found a spot to be happy with atm. Not sure how long i will hang out here, see how things goes down the roads.
  12. Yeah i didnt mention my deed on the map just yet, cause there maybe some are nasty players, esp if they want to hunt you down and wreck around your place, if not deeded. I seen it happen many times on Unlimited, sadly the GMs didnt do anything about, then players started to rage quit. I found the abandoned deed, got handful of dirts that i have placed into crates and place, place and place all the way down near the water. Unfort some did take it, and others just lied about taken stuffs. I was thinking about deeding that spot, once i get some coins saved up. But only saw two players that raid it Had good amount of foods and many other things, but all gone now! I saw Dale got slain other day on the event window, guess he was taken out a large rat or afk, then a troll got him. Rarely see anyone get slain in there. Pretty quiet around my place, i like to live in the wilderness away from other players. Since most of them want to be left alone anyway.
  13. Curious how often does the map update? I noticed i saw a few spot on the live map, that wasnt there anymore or deeds is completely gone! Also why are there so many Lord the Ring Names all over the map? Also see some from Dungeons and Dragons too. I got my name for the deed from Skyrim, a nord, i am trying to roleplay out. Yes i am new in here online, met some players, most wasnt nice after all. But i still enjoy it, i spent couple of years in Unlimited and things wasnt going too good, gotten so boring and though i give this a shot. So far i loved it. So i just bought two years of membership black friday on Steam.
  14. Been trying to do things on my own, i found this uber 2handed sword, but made from iron and its belong to someone else. So would like to make one of my own from silver and wont be high QL, i dont want someone to try improve it, but just add some enchant on it. At least LT (Life Transfer) believe that came from Fo's Priest. I just started after Halloween Event, not planning on being a priest, since they cannot improve anything. So looking for someone willing to help me out here, was told it may break at lower QL, but willing to keep trying to get lucky
  15. After a week, when i uninstall those two Java installed on my pc, then reinstalled it the 64-bit that align with the internet browser. Only had one crash and seem to help alot with my issues. So hope this will help others having multi crashes time to time.