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  1. 13s
  2. thanks for asking when will it be finished? Don't need to know on minute but will it be hours or days? Lot of parts to add I guess.
  3. Hey do you know if I need to be on server when it's finished to count for journal? I could sail over to attach a few for journal. Would be bad if I miss it for journal cause I sailed back.
  4. guard tower [3773,1350] 'Dondiggydon 74'
  5. I will be there. Like to help with: Blacksmithing 82 Carpentry 85 Fine Carpentry 76 (Pottery 75) Wherever most help is needed. And can help with ropemaking (74 on my priest) if priests need some help. I can also bring a few k wemp fiber 90+ if more is needed.
  6. healing cover is completely different code from normal creation code(in WU). Didn't find anything about alcohol in WU healing cover code. That's what I tried. Not 100 but around 40. I did not get any significant change even with 90 alcohol power.
  7. Tower: [3065,3182] 'Belkin 882' ('New Bacon Militia') Tower: [3046,3118] 'Koontje 210' Tower: [3140,3047] 'Romi 402'
  8. No, you drink the alcohol. You get a new status effect. examine that to see alcohol power. Drinking more (strong) alcoholic beverage will increase the power.
  9. Thanks for the information. I did know this about healing covers. Good to know it's the same for transmutation liquid. Does it work for transmutation liquid? Does not seem to work for healing covers.
  10. Lava tile

    I can confirm this bug. My lava tile spread some days ago. I put items on the spread tile. Today I froze one of the spread tiles (with items on it). After freezing I still can't walk on the rock tile. I get damaged ([17:38:01] You are burnt by lava!) on the rock tile. I haven't moved the items yet if anyone want to have a look at the tile. It's on Cadence.
  11. The lag is still here on cadence. ☹️ After the changes it's ok 1-2 days after restart but getting worse the longer the server runs. Currently it's hard to play. On lot of action stamina regeneration having lot of delay is the worst about it. The delay on queuing action and opening doors/gates takes lot of fun out of the game. If you're unable to fix the issues maybe it's time to switch from weekly restarts to daily restarts...
  12. Guard tower: [1427,1499] Nocty 538 "Festung Nox - I14" [766,929] Wylson 474 "Grumpy's Ridge - F10" [672,867] Wrekt 250 "Get Wrekt"
  13. Seems clear to me: The timer is off currently. Time is 23:00 MEST/CEST as announced That's 21:00 UTC 23:00 in most of Europe 14:00 (UTC-7) to 17:00(UTC-4) in USA
  14. definitely will try to attend with main and my 3 priest-alts. Tyvm for sharing this. 23:00 in Germany (UTC+2) is 21:00 in UTC