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  1. Hug a Forest Giant !

    Sadly Cad slaying timer changed in unfortunate way and can't get to this one. Have fun at slaying!
  2. Looks like it updated hour ago. It should’ve come earlier.
  3. Thank you all good people on your offers Happy Wurming
  4. Oh, you just ruined my weekend plans! Lets crash the server
  5. Hey Gin Sir, please send 5 kg of chartreuse, green and aquamarine to Vedran Cheers
  6. That was deed called Satyricon. (As one of the greatest black metal bands on the planet) 🤘 I'll ask Kyuku where was the deed you're looking for.
  7. Definitely attending! Bringing 5-6 alts. Thank you for making it public!
  8. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reliable and fast service. Always a pleasure doing business with someone that like what they do and do it in respectful and reliable way. Strongly recommend as I myself will be back whenever needed. cheers Korppi/Vedran
  9. As a first costumer have nothing else to say than a high praise. Really nice place. Easy to get to by water or land. Pretty easy to find what you're looking for. Thank you for your service. Will be back again!
  10. Please add: R'lyeh [1099, 3647] and remove: Strathbrock [1125, 3570] and Lourde Point [1085, 3647] both no longer exist. Thank you
  11. Kyuku plays on Defiance lately but not much active. I'll let him know if I catch him online.
  12. Sad News

    I'm without words. Such a great loss. She was a kind, giving person and a noble wurmian. Condolences to her husband and family.
  13. Thank you Borstakor and everyone involved.