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  1. I'm very confused now, since the context of this post makes it seem like a hasty mobilization due to the Russo-Ukranian war, so i'm digging. Based on that post, you're Molodvan, and afaik Moldova isn't involved in the Russo-Ukranian war, nor can I find news on them mobilizing - nor is Moldova a NATO country who would be reinforcing as part of the increase in Eastern European deployments. But this post states that you live in Romania, who also isn't mobilizing as far as Google can tell me. Of course, I don't know you or Eastern Europe well, but that's already pretty suspicious, unless Romania allows students to enlist in NATO on its behalf.
  2. Stay safe, friend. Know we haven't talked much, but know we're with ya! Glory to Ukraine!
  3. Sad News

    My condolences... i'm so sorry for your loss.
  4. Will TPs be available for us in Northern Harmony?
  5. Ayyy thank you so much! Dragons are almost never public, this is such a rare treat!
  6. Thank you for those awesome videos, and the dumps! Congrats to the new dev team members!
  7. I am very much well aware that the probabilities aren't exact or guarenteed. I know that probability can *sometimes* result in very unlikely scenarios. I also accounted for this in the probabilities I do post of, to try and avoid the Gambler's Fallacy directly. I don't get upset when a 30% odds roll fails. I do get upset when enough 30% odds rolls fail where the probability of all of them failing in a row (chance to fail ^ number of attempts) becomes very low. My satchel was on the *higher* end of that for what I usually experience; usually being 1% or less. What I should be experiencing (based on Law of Large Numbers) is, on average, items sometimes being created against tough odds as a counter to items not being created for long stretchs of time. However, those unlikely items are disproportionately rare compared to long stretches of failures. If it were a single or handful of objects where I had unlikely failure rates, that'd be expected from RNG. What I *am* saying is that, like many other players, I am experiencing sub-1% odds for number of failures in a row for way more than 1 in every 100 items I try to create. For example, a Steam thread somebody posted for Wurm Unlimited ( ) shows other people having very unlikely poor results building items such as towers, which take *hundreds* of objects. The posted example states that the person had 30% odds for their tower materials, but experienced closer to 10% odds. Another poster cited a 20% true success rate on their 250 tenons with a 76% expected success rate. At this scale, one can reasonably expect the Law of Large Numbers to take hold and for the RNG to balance out. When I talk to others on the server I play on, they generally share similar experiences with poor or inaccurate RNG and very unlikely failure rates being a routine and not an exception. Which is not a sign pointing towards accurate creation percentages.
  8. From speaking with my Harmony server peers, I'm definitely not the only person to be dealing with alarmingly low odds for creating things. Around half the time where i'm creating anything with a reasonable (30%+) chance to create, I will fail enough actions to where, if the percent chance to create is accurate, I would only experience such poor luck 0.1% - 1.0% of the time. For example, just now, I created 0.9 kilograms of square cloth and I wanted to make a satchel at 30% odds. I failed 8 actions before succeeding; the odds of failing 8 30% rolls in a row is 0.7 ^ 8 = 5.7%. And that's on a good day. From memory, I remember having several objects at similar odds that have taken 15 or more actions, putting me in the sub-1% chances, well more than 1/100 times. Is the game not accounting for material quality accurately, or tool quality, or some other aspect of the game? While a few poor-odds objects would be normal and expected from RNG, it seems that Wurm's creation chance percentages have to be significantly inaccurate to account for the amount of failures that myself or others experience with displayed odds which seem reasonable.
  9. Fairly active Harmony NFI player here, can absolutely say that our server chat is also pretty good. To be fair, I often strike up the chat, but when the conversations happen they're quite good. Local chat is also really nice at rifts and public unique slays, and I absolutely feel comradery with the people there. NFI trade chat is also pretty good - almost every merchant has been incredibly kind. Definitely periods of quiet, but that's to be expected when the cluster has a few hundred on at peak.
  10. Yeah, this is absolutely a game where grind is a part of it. However, the first few levels are very quick to gain - and most WU servers have 5-10x skill gain compared to WO (which I play), so getting your HFC to the point where food provides you with enough to get by will be quite quick, probably an hour or less of "pan filling"
  11. Also, I would like to sympathise with you. When I first started Wurm, I was also really confused as to why I wasn't getting very much nutrition, CCFP, or food from what I would forage. You're not doing anything wrong, it's just a complicated game and I believe in you.
  12. What was the ql on it? The amount of nutrition and CCFP you gain from food is based on: - Quality of the finished meal - Number of steps it took to process the ingredients - Base CCFP of the ingredients Generally, the process for a good CCFP filler meal is to - Fillet a meat with a butchering knife Dice, then mince the meat, with a regular (non-carving, non-butchering) knife Add a vegetable or two and chop those with a knife. Fry the meat and vegetables on separate frying pans to cook them. Fry the now cooked meat and veggies together on the same frying pan to make your meal. Additionally, the quality of a meal is capped based on your skill in the relevant cooking sub-skill, usually Hot Food Cooking. So ideally, you would grind out HFC levels by making breakfasts of only one food item en masse (using pottery bowls in ovens)
  13. -1, there's no reason to it. No reward to players, its just "oh, now I suddenly have extra meat" because baby animals aren't as strong (unless Wogic dictates otherwise).
  14. +1 Possibly there could be a way to change food needs seasonally. For example, drinking a hot cuppa hot cocoa could add a skillgain buff in the winter to represent someone feeling more comfortable, temperature-wise