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  1. Champion dragon slaying one time in year something like rift but wicht giant dragon? 0.o is 20 times stronger than normal and drops 5 times more scales and blood? realy good idea
  2. thank you for adding now only waiting you add there buildings at map (;
  3. The Castle Of Neutrality you can't find on Waystone is North West from Gabelle bay there was deed called No Place Like Home before
  4. oh and Bunker hill don't exist long time so this should be updated too
  5. there is new deed at M 16 pleas update this place
  6. Pleas Don't Enter Here Auction has been canceled
  7. tommorow i will try my english isn't great...
  8. oh god that's to hard for me
  9. Starting price:10s
  10. hello i have 6 sliver ring on SALE!!! YES!!! big sale!!!! 15C per one!! PM Me if want buy PM-Neutral !
  11. Actualy i gonna stop buildin cause don't have time on it but in month it should be continued