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  1. it could be giant hay stack that burns long like charcoal pile and spear so much smoke it's seen from distance like rift beam this is a nice idea
  2. Castle of neutrality is disbanded months ago... my new deed is S23 is called Hill of Neutrality and is exactly here: Celebration ( coordinates
  3. 2023 Roadmap

    i hope something about pvp and fighting will come out
  4. 2023 Roadmap

    really cool plan i am still waiting on some changes in fighting system like would be really cool if get reworked for example there is game called mordhau and they have really attractive fighting system i think wurm could get something more similar to modern games than this old fighting windown also i thinked about skill like body speed that could make player run faster i don't know if somone will read it but is ok
  5. I think is good idea but should think more about exactly what can make epic alive
  6. that's totaly true this server have real history and is alive community
  7. and items then reset isles and add them to sfi
  8. maybe to move epic players data sfi and aplicate it to every auccton that have higher skills on epic
  9. Maybe they should reset epic and add it to sfi
  10. Yes you never been on chaos i guess you don't know that this server have real history and leave it alone it will stay pvp
  11. The Offer is from 27.11.2022 to 30.12.2022 Price is 15s but to negotiation/conntact Pm me on forum or try in game/Deed is on Celebration M16 I have deed to sell it's location is Celebration M 16 is 21x20 tiles it is Fenced around with marble fences and tall walls and have main building 5x5 tiles with 1 floor. that's a deed surface: in the mine are 1 salt rock vein (medium ql) 3 sandstone veins (2 medium and 1 high ql) 2 lead veins (2 medium ql) Mailbox of deed: slate spirit castle 30ql courier casted on (94)/maplewood spirit house 10ql courier casted on (97) some screenshots: