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  1. Here we go again... This is becoming real annoying, the only "solution" is to stay logged in or endure steam's malfunctioning
  2. I managed to log in, it may be fixed for the time being
  3. While my alts can remain connected to steam, this issue caught my main while using the portal from Harmony to defiance, I got stuck "in-between", tried to relog but can't login since then.
  4. The wurm client seems to work fine The steam version still "tries to connect to the server" Im the only one with this issue?
  5. Connecting to server........................................................
  6. As the title says I WTB Supreme Small Nails, Ribbons and Planks 10s each, I will probably need a total of 5, (doesn't matter which ones) maybe a few more if I'm unlucky. Reply here or in game pm Henryofskalitz
  7. 1750 more material are needed out of 3000 to finish, now we are 5 people working on it, work proggres is fast, but we dont have bricks on site. Finish time may be from some hours to 1 day perhaps, this is my guess
  8. I just asked on CA Help, you need to be on server.
  9. Spirit Gate location update You can follow the paved path from the main road through the camellia field at this location up to the mountain, you can't miss it. I will have plenty of resources there in an hour or so. The gate needs to be finished for the journal entry achievement. https://harmony.yaga.host/#573,1792 This is how the path looks.
  10. Please CoD the rare willow Bow to Henryofskalitz