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  1. Actions list

    Maybe the wrong place for this or may al ready be one some were but i am looking for a list of all actions that can be performed in game as of now.
  2. Guards wont let crafter imp. Cant do that here. Has pickup permission and every other one i could think of that might stop them Update moved everything off deed and functions as intended.
  3. Crafter wound not have permission to access this forge. I cant figure out what i am doing wrong lol
  4. thank you you have been very helpful
  5. Is there a mod that allows player to mine and cut trees mounted from cart? I know theres one for digging and farming
  6. Thank you i been trying to get this and spellcraft to work for days! Cant thank you enough
  7. question i hav having trouble with the prayer limits and faith gains on letting the server gain one faith per wait period # true: Remove priest restrictions # false: No effect #removePriestRestrictions=true # Limit spells to at most that much favor. A number below 100 will remove the need for linking with other priests #favorLimit=90 # true: Allow a priest to cast all spells # false: No effect #allowAllSpells=true # true: Allow a priest to cast spells from the same light. (i.e. Fo priests can cast Vyn and Mag spells but not Lib spells) # false: No effect #allowLightSpells=true # true: There are no restrictions on the number of faith gains per day # false: Only 5 faith gains per day are possible #unlimitedPrayers=true # true: There is no delay between faith gains # false: Prayers only yield faith if they are at least 20 minutes apart #noPrayerDelay=true am i just blindly missing something?
  8. [Released] New Portals

    Yep wrong portals. Thank you
  9. [Released] New Portals

    Yes auxdata is set to 1
  10. Question is there a easy way to give remove priest limitations and make all spells available? A problem i am having is i am inly able to gain one skill level at a time yet i have the unlimited skill gain true any ideas? Maybe spellmod and spellcraft are not compatible anymore?
  11. [Released] New Portals

    I cant seem to get this to word. Portals cant be activated. Thus cant be used. Looking for same server portal gm controled to get people to the 4 corners of the map.
  12. [Released] New Portals

    Below double posted lol
  13. https://github.com/Worfeus-Asgard/Wurm-ServerChatTab Maybe this would work