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  1. +1, especially considering difficult maps have shorter dig/find ranges.
  2. Thank you for hosting, very excited! Volunteering for carp and ships.
  3. Rite of Spring on Cadence brought beautiful blue skies and some fog rolling in through the bay!
  4. Personally I am filling green tea leaves in frying pans in ovens for 1-60. I've been told its around 2k leaves. I chose this method as I already had the stations set up for HFC. I am told by an ally green coffee beans in ovens with roasting pans is a bit better gains, and the beans are more useful later with high skill (making khavesi) vs. yellow tea leaves. I do wonder how significant those gains are considering the difficulty is 40 for frying leaves and 50 for roasting beans. Thank you for undertaking this, looking forward to hearing what others have to say
  5. With path of love, we can enchant trees and bushes to stop aging- and I would love to see the same with hedges. I like medium hedges for the visibility, but it can be a pain to go through and prune often if you have a lot of them, and the Camellia hedge appearance isn't for me. This allows us to add in variety and strip some of the tedious maintenance.
  6. Sunrise over Cadence. I can't understand how some despise winter time so
  7. Gotta say I love this idea. An old rift area saved me last night after I made the poor decision of AFKing in the wild. 3% health but the fence and enchanted grass stopped the sideswipe from the passing troll that would have been certain death. I'll be sprinkling some around south of Sonata!
  8. Grats Joemog! Sending shortly.
  9. That rug really tied the room together, did it not? Starting bid: 5s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: 35s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not accepted
  10. Saw QL 80 BOTD 87 - 2s 7c (steel) COD to Annasari please!
  11. rake blade, iron, ~30ql, 82coc - 0,50s metal brush, iron, ~1ql, 100coc - 2,0s Please COD to Annasari! Thanks!