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  1. Saw QL 80 BOTD 87 - 2s 7c (steel) COD to Annasari please!
  2. rake blade, iron, ~30ql, 82coc - 0,50s metal brush, iron, ~1ql, 100coc - 2,0s Please COD to Annasari! Thanks!
  3. Please add Mourn, 2458, 2008 Thanks!
  4. Naky was a pleasure to do business with and took a huge order of bricks without batting an eyelash. Highly recommend these guys, I'll be going there for all my building mats
  5. After running around the mountains for two hours, I finally found a path of power tile! I wanted to share the location so others don't have to waste the time searching. Location is roughly M-16, where the old Buddhist monastery is. Follow the highway running southwest from Sonata until it curves, then you'll see the mountain range. Head towards it through the steppe, once you hit it there is a path leading to the peak. It's right off the path with a sign marking it. Happy meditating! Also thanks Indigoe for giving me the idea to head that way
  6. I'd like 10 80ql logs if you have 'em -- message me in-game with my user here
  7. Managed to find 3 bouquets of white-dotted flowers QL 25.87, 13.04, and 11.26- asking 1s a piece.