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  1. Really nice idea. We could also get real birds flying around (not just high in the sky) and catch (new skill?) them and put them into bird houses.
  2. My idea to increase visibility of possible trades (not exactly auction system) would be to create "Trader/merchant" board (something like village board). This board could have aggregate view of all merchants within deed and its perimeter. It could have exactly same ui (as merchant),with all items from available merchants. It means, that every deed (not just starter town) could become trade hub based on natural player needs (in sandbox style). If those boards had mailbox in proximity, they could be connected to merchant "network" and you could view offers from other deeds/trade hubs (separated by tab? local/global, still same merchant ui). Remote offers could have additional fee and delivery time would be influenced by mailbox as usual. It would be up to players, if they buy remotely or they decide to do a business trip. ...but this idea doesn't cover selling without merchant (limitation for new players) and bulk items (wagoner logic would be needed). Also I'm not sure about cross server trading (separated island economy?) and pvp servers (no trading in this way?).
  3. Good point, medic looks like generic "class" from average mmo or fps shooter. Shaman sounds better.
  4. I was experimenting with coffee and following feature: Figured out, that you can log into game, drink coffee, you will get free bonus as expected. If you jump by PvP portal to Defiance and back, drink coffee you will get another 10 minutes of sleep bonus. P.S. already discussed via in game ticket and is allowed to share it in this section
  5. Works fine, thanks a lot for fixing issues on Linux.
  6. I had the same behavior with no sound when switching output devices and above configuration fixed it (steam and direct client).
  7. Thanks a lot@Batolemaeus! I just applied workaround when mesa update arrived.
  8. Is it only me who can see it in crafting recipes or did I miss something?
  9. Thanks for update! I think that community can handle delays and bugs (situation quite common in any software development) to reasonable level, if all is openly and regularly communicated. Even bad news are better than radio silence. I see that issue with communication was recognized and mentioned, so big plus from me.
  10. There is quantity of 10g for wood pulp displayed in crafting recipes window for paper sheet. It should be 3.0kg.
  11. I feel the same, it would be nice to have updated roadmap (or have at least roadmap for roadmap).
  12. Seems to be fixed by latest patch 23-Nov-2021 -> Bugfix: Will now show correct weight in crafting recipe list. Thanks!