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  1. please closed..
  2. Very kind and efficient . I'm so happy to shop here Thank you ~
  3. do you have saw 50's ql ? please send to Spica. Thank you
  4. cod me a shovel 80's CoC - 50 copper thanks ..
  5. Bulk By Spica Greetings, Welcome to my store Located in J16 Cadence As for now ill be only selling CLAY in Bulk. I'm funding my deed & stuff. My clay business is very simple. You place your order(quantity), ill send it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CURRENT STATUS : i am booked OPEN | CLOSED | PENDING ORDER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Price 1 small crate with 150 clay = 15c max 34 small crates per order example order 10 small crates - 1500clay = 1s 50c example order 20 small crates - 3000clay = 3s -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i try not to charge crates fee if via wagoner. Tips are welcome for hardwork or returning the crates i will be thankful Max order 34 small crates (since I'm not able to make Large yet) I'm running out fast on stock, so if you have a big amount and want to booked me, feel free to find me in-game : Spica or, can always help bump this page up by leaving orders here. Thank You & Happy Wurming p/s dont be mean X_x
  6. cover photo spoilt my pixels >.<