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  1. Sure you can role play it but even if they don't add buffs to being married in the game, because IRL you don't get buffs, it would still be a nice feature to have in the game for those who want to see it. For those who are like eh don't want it, I mean what would it hurt you in ANY way if it was a feature in the game? I'm 100% sure there are things in the game you're not interested in so you just don't do it. Same thing to this. It would be cool to see a chat line (similar to how a settlement would be founded or disbanded) that so and so was married plus seeing unique wedding items based upon the God of the Priest. It literally hurts 0 people to add this feature into the game, with or without buffs. If they included buffs for being married, yes it would be abused with alts, but are you telling me that none of you already abuse alts in your town? Like I haven't seen an actual argument to why this feature shouldn't be in the game (as in, it's gamebreaking etc) it's always, just RP it out or eh -1. These are dumb responses imo. Like tell me why it shouldn't be a feature in the game. Without any buffs, it does nothing to the rest of the game in terms of game altering.
  2. I'm ok with it considering a lot of people here are like "Your skills cap at 20 and that's a lot" Like not really, not when majority of the game needs level 21 to do things in, your core stats start off at 19 thus you can't even do most things other than just craft. I'm +1 this idea.
  3. I was more of trying to think of a solution for 1. Animals like Hell Horses to stop the red aura once tamed when hovered over and for guards to not attack them. 2. Stop the issue of riding a mount and then say you get DC'd and you just happened to be on a villages property and they have the setting turned on, thus you leaving that mount behind on their property until a member is on to move it. Still isn't the point. Neither of these offer any counter argument to why marrying shouldn't be in the game. I mean sure if it doesn't interest you then you don't have to do it. There a few of us though that actually would like to see the idea happen in the game especially for the timeline we are in, in game. Yes I thought about that as well. Build a chapel for the god you believe in and each one would have different decorations for a wedding based on the god and the bonuses to the couple would be based on what pleases the God. Idk how the devs would work it out to make it balanced but yeah still would be fun. It would also give Priests of a God another thing they could do in game for sake of RP wise.
  4. So one of my suggestions is to add the ability to marry someone. Also allowing the ability to craft wedding like objects and wedding rings. Idk what type of bonuses you could give to a couple but I noticed a lot of IRL couples play this together, myself included, but I think it would be great to have. Also, updating the way animals are tamed/claimed for a deed or player. Right now, guards still register a tamed monster as aggro, even though it isn't thus they will attack them when on the deed. I think the coding should change so that when a creature is tamed by a player, there is a coding tag associated for that player, then the player can add a permission to the animal to be allowed to be messed with by the deed that he belongs to and or other players. That way, when a player accidently dismounts on someone's deed, that animal isn't auto locked into that deed because of the permission set up. I can understand that permission being enabled for PVP servers, as a way to prevent someone from riding into a town, doing damage, then mounting and riding away but it should be auto disabled for PVE towns. Or you can just do auto-branding feature like I mentioned above where when tamed it's auto marked to a player and isn't considered a hostile creature or still a wild animal.