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  1. Gratz coach. Let me know what toon to send it to
  2. Rare mask frag from the Halloween event that I never got around to auctioning. Being that its still in frag form whoever wins it will have their name etched in as the creator so make sure to consider that when bidding. Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 1s Buyout: N/A Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  3. Items in my LMC seem to have taken damage. I have 3 rift stones that are currently sitting at 20 damage each. For now I'll keep them in there to see if they accrue additional damage.
  4. Here's the video. I can't time stamp it. Go to 9:35 it happens to one of the barrels that I just recently opened. These are the same batch of barrels you must have found, I made hundreds of them. This issue was posted years ago and seems to not have been fixed.
  5. If these are in fact my barrels from my old deed then this would not be the first time this happened. I posted about my barrels decaying into dust after opening them a while ago. I think it has to do with damage ticks building up over time and sitting dormant until you open it then they all hit at once. I even have footage of it in the original post.
  6. Any color PM Shiznoe or post here.
  7. I'm a crusty old vet who's been playing this game on and off for 10 years. This is still one of my favorite picture simply because of how old it is. This was from back in the day when we stood on our horses and all dressed up as little green men. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of saved pictures from back then but I do have this one.
  8. Congratz to Bruhthisfwoo. Please post the name of the character you would like the saddle to be mailed to.
  9. Rared a saddle. Buy it up and become a speedy boi. Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 1s Buyout: N/A Sniper Protection: 30 minutes
  10. looking for 2 saddles with 90-100 woa precast on it. any ql
  11. Alright everyone, Accidentally'd a supreme brush last week and was trying to figure out what to do with it. Guess its going up on auction. Auction will start at 10:00am Monday Arizona time and end Friday 10:00pm Arizona time. Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No. Buyout: N/A Sniper Protection: 30 minutes