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  1. Wendi again. Looking for a higher quality pelt coc 80 range, higher quality whetstone, and whatever quality hammer 80ish range. cod to Wendi. Thanks Rev!
  2. Hello -- would like 3 skillers at 80 coc: hatchet, grooming brush, pickaxe. cod to Wendi please.
  3. I'm looking to join a village on cadence; been playing about a year now. Do you have any available room? don't need much but looking for a place to hang out.
  4. Would like to purchase Pickaxe (70ql) COC 95 (1.5s) and the 25 copper file and saw. cod to Wendi please.
  5. Please cod to Wendi: quality not an issue rake and grooming brush 80 coc 70 sickle needle meditation rug knife (cooking)