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  1. Heya, i would like to order Nim and LT 90+ enchant on a huge axe. Will send it to you ingame with my name on it. Regards. Nobligan
  2. Hey,, could you CoD Compass QL28 -1s from Alecks shop to Nobligan?
  3. Hello, could i buy 1 Blueberry Peg and 1 Rosewood peg? CoD to Nobligan
  4. Hi, can i buy 90 CoC hatchet please? Send to Nobligan
  5. Hey, i would like to buy. 1 set of black cloth armor ql50 1 Toolbelt ql 70 Please send to Nobligan
  6. Hello, could i buy butchering knife, iron, ~59ql, 75woa 73coc - 0,5s whetstone, ~97ql, 85coc - 0,50s Please send to Nobligan
  7. grooming brush, oakenwood, ~13ql, 89coc - 0,50s metal brush, iron, ~1ql, 86coc - 0,5s Please Send to Nobligan
  8. I have bought some new tools from Baeowulf last couple of days. Quick response, very good prices and fast delivery! Will highly recommend, i'm extremly satisfied!