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  1. Heya, can you COD med 3 sets of 80 WoA Horse Shoes? -Nobligan
  2. Hey, Could you COD to me: chisel blade, steel, ~21ql - 96woa - 1,0s rope tool, oakenwood, ~40ql, 101coc - 2,25s Regards, Nobligan
  3. Thanks, please COD to Nobligan
  4. [01:34:12] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to reach Outofmind in less than ten minutes. Thank you, and good luck
  5. Congratulations! Who should i COD this nice File blade to?
  6. 28 minutes added - Sniper protection
  7. 29 minutes added - Sniper protection
  8. Sniper activated, 30 mins left from now.
  9. I will start this with 20s
  10. No response so i will withdraw my order.