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  1. Thource's Minimap Mod adds a detailed minimap to Wurm Unlimited. Features: Above ground and underground rendering Terrain (Including elevation with shaded relief) Water Houses Bridges Fences Minimap dots Creatures (coloured by status) Players (coloured by rank first, then status) Resizable (between 128x128 to 512x512, Zoomable (scroll up/down to zoom in/out, Settings Set tile size (between 1-32 pixels) Enable/disable north-facing mode Enable/disable elevation rendering Enable/disable transparent water rendering There is extra stuff that I wanted to add but I'm running out of motivation, so I've decided to release this now rather than wait. I'll add more features in the future. Planned features: Deed overview (will require server to expose deed data in JSON format, Sklotopolis does this) Circle minimap frame Minimap mouseover information (Display which tile you have highlighted, name of creature/player, etc) Customizable NPC markers Colour by NPC type Disable specific NPC types Big preview window (ability to view the full 302 tile square centered on the player, zoomable and pannable) Improved quality when zooming out (currently looks a bit janky when zoomed out) Contour line altitude rendering Source and download instructions: If your game crashes while loading, try reducing tileSize in the properties file, this mod is quite performance heavy and lower tileSize numbers will reduce the load.
  2. Yeah, this mod uses your player's rotation to set the camera's position, so your character will always be looking where the camera is pointing.
  3. Hi! I've made a modification on top of Tomgr's third person mod (, mainly to address a couple personal gripes I had with it, but also with the intention of improving it further. Current improvements: Fixed headbob causing the camera to do funky dance moves (v1.2.1) The camera now rotates around the player, instead of the floor (v1.2.0) Stopped xoffset skewing towards the center when pointing the camera up and down (v1.2.0) Doubled the maximum zoom out range (v1.2.0) Possible future improvements: Save config (enabled, zoom level, xoffset) ? If you're coming from Tomgr's version: The toggle command has changed from `toggle tp` to `tp toggle`. These mods are not designed to work together, this mod is a replacement. Please remove the other third person mod when you install this one. Rotation preview: Source and download instructions: