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  1. Doesn't matter if the area and the people looks active or not. Wurm has a way to seduce people back to dig dirt again. If people deed the area based on the how active the area and the people are, that would be intangible. Because people have their own definition of active. People said they are active because they login once per month, others might disagree. They actually made a more tangible etiquette on Finding a location page: For towns, however, it is considered to be rude to build with 50 to 100 tiles of the town if you do not have the permission of said town. Doing so can cause conflict and even hostility from a large group of players. It is always best to seek permission, and if declined, do not worry, there are more places to settle. Its understandable if the server just started, people rushed to land claim. But now, the servers have started for a while, especially on the SFI. Some people stayed on that area for years, better to follow the etiquette.
  2. Just want to let u know the place of ur cog as soon as possible so i make this post here, in case u are hurry to get a ship. I looted ur unlocked cog "Rose of the South" on ur once fallen deed. Since i saw u make a new deed recently, i assume u are back. I preserved it at my deed as the way it was, still the same ql and dam. We should make an arrangement to give u back ur cog.
  3. I was planning on secretly going to the North West Island on Cadence after the saw the hint of the right around the corner. I already loaded my horses and cart on the way to there. Am i guessing it right? Where is it? Congratz to the 3rd treasure hunt winner! Greeting from the 2nd treasure hunt winner. 😏
  4. ThinkThank

    Isn't the people who think they are the high iq people like to talk things that make no sense to the average people. I think this is what OP trying to say. The real high iq people prefer talking things that make sense to other people. Is that making any sense?
  5. Greedy. The defination of "good" is defined by yourself.
  6. down

    Adding mirror sites might not be worth it since the main sites are mostly stable and the info on the map aren't strictly essential for gameplay to require intense update. Player can use a weekly update screenshot Yaga maps to act as a redundancy and upload to image share site. No money cost and require not much time if multiple people take the responsibility. Does player allow to do that?
  7. Or ended the rift early because of the 99ql ashes?
  8. If they got scared, that means the person play the game badly. The top tier person usually are the one who seduce them without making them aware of being in the game. The word seduce have multiple meanings. Lets focus on this meaning according to a dictionary with an example. attract powerfully. "the melody seduces the ear with warm string tones"
  9. I am pretty sure there is a team read all the suggestions, and pick the one that they think its good to the devs. Their responsibility is to make sure the people don't think they are ignoring people's suggestion. This is a social seduction game about how to make the devs to think the suggestion is good for whatever their goals are. The suggestion category is a great place to demonstrate Bandwagon effect. It comes from the desire to 'fit in' with peers. It is obvious especially in the PVP group and other social group like unique slaying group, etc. The devs like to hear the reasons behind the voting of +1 and -1 according to the suggestion guideline. Debating create more reasons behind reasons.
  10. coin printing machine my knee hurt my back hurt broken knee no more standing bear with knee grounded in wurm i am familiar with nothing dirty hands mud stirrer excrement finder pooping seeds enthusiast Okay, i should end here, its getting nasty and dirty. BTW, they are all suitable in both.
  11. Wow amazing, those can give the team as references to set the standard time limit. I wonder how long it takes. They must be the top tier stats toons. Small amount of normal stats toons must take longer than them, so the standard time limit should extend longer after knowing their time length of slaying unique.
  12. I believe the GM would not tolerate it too. But how long consider a longer period of time. A standard time limit is a more tangible system by which if an argument were to arise. Lets make the clueless people not clueless.
  13. That's why i suggested to consider a time limit in the guideline to stop people using slaying unique as an excuse to demand people to leave a certain area for a long time. I would say this topic is about teaching players how uniques work by asking the rule makers to clarify some of the etiquettes that people might not understand precisely as it intended. Like asking the rule makers to clarify, what kind of actions can slayers do in actual slaying to show other people that there is actual slaying here, so that the people notice they should leave the area. Like what OP said, player like me are clueless about how it work. Make a sound? an emote? a combat posture? type a word? or just keep focus on hitting the unique? ,etc. I know how to claim a unique though, dig a dirt, simple and effective.
  14. Totally, people should follow the rules and courtesies. The actions of own/claim a unique makes it a more tangible system, like dig a dirt instead of saying i come first or just stand next to the unique while claiming. When claim an actual slaying, what kind of action can slayers do to show other people(not the members of the slayer party) that there are actual slaying here, u should leave the area. Like hitting the dragon? doing offensive emotes to the people like pushing? a combat posture? a combat sound? make a toon name called iamactualslayingnleave? type leave in chat? type playing in chat? type killing in chat? There are lots of different ways to show an actual slaying is happening which other people may not understand there is a actual slaying in that area. U know people might understand things differently. That's why this post has the responsibility to make sure that people can understand each other clearly by writing what actions we must do to commit an actual slaying. To make the slaying system more tangible. If the privilege to demand people to leave the area have a time limit, which the The Hunters Guide of Proper Unique Creature Hunting Etiquette post didn't mentioned. Also, people understand long differently, like how long is consider long? Will the team consider there are actually people may make a slaying party for a whole day or even a week, so that consider to set a time limit in that guideline? People are slaying with kiting method. That means slaying is happening. And i already proved that slaying with kiting method is one of the common slaying strategy in RPG game. let's do another example, u people PVP in wurm using kiting method right?, riding a horse? Same with Player vs Unique in wurm. The guideline show people have to leave the area while slaying no matter the unique is already moribund or the party started to slay. If u ask me, i honestly think that the people don't have to leave when the unique is already moribund if there is no slaying party according to courtesy #1.
  15. We bring up two different etiquettes that didn't write in The Hunters Guide of Proper Unique Creature Hunting Etiquette post. Both etiquettes have conflict to the courtesy #1. The courtesy #1 pretty much saying people who are not the member of the slayer party have to leave the local no matter what because it didn't mention any exception. The etiquette i said, meaning the locals who own a deed and live there are the exception. While the etiquette u have said, meaning the people who playing in a populated area no matter they are the locals or not, they are the exception. So who takes the priority to stay and who to leave according to courtesy #1, not from our etiquettes. If the courtesy #1 didn't mention any exception, that means both our etiquettes are not accepted by the The Hunters Guide of Proper Unique Creature Hunting Etiquette post, which means the locals who own deed and live there, and the people who playing in a populated area have to leave the area of the slayer party that they are not membered.
  16. I had other toon slaying the unique with kiting method at the same time, and more to come. I was kiting it because i want to leave the area where the other people(didn't know they would follow me) were playing. I am not self-centered enough to shout at them to leave local area around my unique under the courtesy #1. Instead, i decided to leave the area so that the other people didn't have to do extra effort to move and leave. Who knows, they might be the local who have a deed and live there, i couldn't ask them to leave, right? Another etiquette in common sense right? I did extra effort and risking get killed by the unique and move away from other people, so that other people can enjoy playing at where they were. I am the one who left the area with bring my unique instead of the other people who have to leave according to courtesy #1. However, they followed me of course. Do u know why they made the courtesy #1? Like what u have said the follower just observe and wait, watching a player toying. Who knows when they will decide to afk or suddenly afk because of real life issue while the unique is on the last drop of HP. The best way to avoid drama of loot drop to other people is to make sure no other people are within the local area, leave the area as what courtesy #1 have said. Okay, u afk at that area, i leave, but don't follow me again. People can be an experienced, armed and armoured players. People can hide the top tier weapons and armours by carrying in the inventory. People can equipe it once going to an nobody area. More toons and alts can be coming even it looks like a single player fooling around. U don't know their stats and experience based on the look. That's why people have to assume the guy who slay the unique with kiting method can be an max experienced, armed and armoured players, and more powerful toons and alts that u may not aware, otherwise people could possibility broke the courtesy #1. The guy can having a slayer party with an experienced, armed and armoured with a poor look. The guy can enjoy slaying unique by toons and alts. This is a gaming experience even it takes a whole day. An enjoyment that people may not understand. People could be the first one who broke a record of slaying. People don't need to have a full top tier armour or many people to host a slayer party. A slayer party can be small, long and serious, fully into it. As the courtesy #1 say other people need to leave the area. Other people don't leave, the owner can leave, but don't follow the owner no matter how ridiculous as it looks. A small, long, foolish look of slayer party can be an experience of enjoyment. A marathon type of slaying with kiting that could bring enjoyment. Isn't what people are looking for in wurm, everything take some times. If people want an invitation or assist with penning or just watching, ask the owner first instead of observe and wait and following the owner. Because no other people should be in the slayer party according to courtesy #1. Observe and wait outside the local area if u insist. If the owner refuse to invite, ur assist or any help, leave the local area immdiately and no following within the local area no matter how many HP of the unique. A slayer party mostly host in a deed. The word area in courtesy #1 can mixed up with area of deed instead of area of local. Like leave the deed! if it makes sense. If people mixed up the word area to area of deed, this will cause misunderstanding. U know a deed area could be a 11x11 tiles instead of 80 tiles radius. The word local would be more clear. Like leave the local!
  17. According to the "The Hunters Guide of Proper Unique Creature Hunting Etiquette" U pretty much saying the courtesy #1. I was slaying the unique that i owned using kiting method which is common in RPG game, although i might not slaying it effectively. I can see the names of the followers in local for quite a long time while slaying with kiting method. The followers probably was against the courtesy #1. I don't think "those followers were perfectly entitled to follow me" are right because they were inside the area, if u apply ur statement in my situation. However, it can be right in different situation. The courtesy #1 only mentioning to leaving the area. But didn't say people can't follow the owner as long as they are outside the area. From my understanding the followers don't go against the courtesy #1, so i have to say those followers are perfectly entiltled to follow the owner as long as they are outside the area. But is it okay to follow people who owned a unique in this situation? U know people can be serious about unique, that can happen. There are things that can mislead people. How big is the area in courtesy #1? How many tiles? What kind of area are u saying? Also how big is drop range in courtesy #2. Teaching sometimes require clarifications to understand situations better.
  18. That's a fact that most of the time kiting a dragon is no everyday's view unless u got a pet at ur deed kiting every single day. So kiting a wild dragon is no everyday's view in general. However, i consider their behaviour may not just came from curiosity, but also other possibilities that i have mentioned. Consider them may be... and may be... and may be...,etc. There are no rules saying u can't follow people in wurm because i guess people can take advantage of the lapse(e.g.orginal owner lose the sight of the unique) to become a new owner immediately. Follow people can be a strategy to own a unique. There are no right or wrong to afk on that road because there are no rules about the position of afk in game. But i can say its good or bad for me to see someone afk on the kiting path. And suggest what people can do better next time. Like afk at the path where the person have kited because there are less chance the person would kite back the path where the person have kited. I really hope what u understood is true, because kiting is one of the method in killing a unique. People may have to kite because they are so strong. Its common in RPG game, imagine u are a mage to kill a unique by using kiting method, not a berserker or knight, even a berseker or knight can use kiting method while killing too. So according to u, they had to vacate local when people started to kill by using a kiting method, meaning no following. I honestly dont know what etiquette i should follow. Different people have different etiquette. But i can only say my etiquette to see if my side of the etiquette fit the etiquette from the community.
  19. U opened my mind that people can be so serious about this unique thing. I personally believe that first person who saw me kiting a unique in local was a coincidence, not stalking. Because i was not stupid enough to ask those important questions in Help chat, but i did file a support ticket to ask. My reason to file a support ticket was gm can tell me the owner of the unique and thats my first time found a unique, gm answered my questions in detail, e.g. How do i know the unique is not owned by other. How can i lose the owner of the unique and how to pen secured. But some people did following me after bump into me.
  20. I have an experience with the unique that i havent told anyone. When i first found the unique, the first thing was asking questions to the team about how do i know the unique is not owned by other. Then how can i lose the owner of the unique and how to pen secured. They told me the unique is not owned by anyone. I informed the team simply want them to know because if something happen in the middle they know i am the original owner, and they dont need to investigate with extra effort. U know drama can happens within unique, keep things clear are better. The other question they answered me if i lose the eye sight of the unique, meaning if the unique is not around my local, i would lose the ownership. There are something happen when i was kiting the unique. People were following me. I dont know why because i am not them. But i can guess why, Maybe because i was kiting a unique??? Maybe because they just want to watch my amazing kiting method(are u kidding me). Maybe because they want to take the ownership after i disconnected or lose the eye sight of the unique, then they can be the new owner. Maybe because they want to buy it. Who knows what they were thinking? But i guess thats annoying when someone following u especially dealing with a unqiue that can go out of ur sight suddenly. From my experience, they are the professional people who hunt uniques based on wearing unique armour and the toon's names. I was kiting it from north to south. A guy was at the south of the unique afking on the highway, both side are deeds and fences, can only take the highway to the south. And unique attacked the afking him and he died eventually. The unique was stuck with him even he died, and i couldnt kite it for a while. Thats annoying to me. I eventually filed a support ticket to see if this is a bug but i could kite it again after about 30mins, then i cancelled the ticket. If he decided to afk at the north of the unique(the path where i have kited) or simply telling me he was gonna to afk, he wont attract it because i was kiting it to the south. After he died, of course he found his body and was still following me. I guess my kiting skill are really amazing and deserve to press the follow button. There are few questions. Is that bug that a unique stand next to a body for about 30mins after killing a guy? Is following or stalking people kiting a unique consider a good manner? I dont care if the people are following me or not, but when a person kiting a unique, the followers should move around or afk at the path where the person have kited, not move around or afk at the path where the person decide to kite. Because there are less chance the person would kite back the path where the person have kited. So the person can kite more smoothly and no one would die. And followers wouldnt interact with the unique that they dont own. I understand people are hunger to get the owner of a unique, there are always a chance a person lose the sight of the unique, so that the follower can take advantage of the lapse to become a new owner immediately and the orginal owner lose the ownership suddenly. Thats why i guess following is allowed and being used. The follower manner is what i am concerned. And i was wondering where are the 90% came from.
  21. 4m x 2.5 = 10m. 5.65m x 2.5 = 14.125m. Some people see 1 tile as the length of one side of a square(4m). Some people see 1 tile as the length of diagonal of a square(5.65m). Some people see 1 tile as a whole square(4m x 4m). With the different examples from Sheffie and me, hope people understand why tiles/minute shouldn't be added.
  22. The key point is here, u see 1 tile(4x1m) as the length of one side of a square, but 1 tile is actually a square. BTW, velocity does not equal speed. Wurm online only displays player's current speed under the health bar.
  23. No. If i drive a car in a circle at 30MPH, the speedmeter should show 30MPH, or 30x0.44704 for m/s, 30x1.609344 for km/h, 30x0.868976 for knot, 30x1.466667 for ft/s. As people say it's just a simple conversion of units of speed. However, tiles(2-dimensional) is different from meters, kilometers, miles, nautical miles, feet(1-dimensional). Because meters, kilometers, miles, nautical miles, feet represent length, but tiles represent chunks(squares). If i drive a car in a circle within a chunk at 30MPH, it is at 30MPH and 1 tiles/min. Like how many chunk have i step in a minute? only 1 because i was driving in a circle and i didn't step out the chunk. I stepped one tiles in one minute.
  24. Umm... i am not sure if i understand correctly in the last sentence. Let's explain it in numbers. On the third and fourth sentences, From NW to SE as from Tile A to Tiles H(5 tiles/min) straight line with slope(A, C, E ,F, H), its still 16 m long(not the diagonal(it would be >16m) connecting two vertices)because people walk the same speed(16m/min) and same distance(16 m) as Tile A to Tiles G(4 tiles/min)(A, C, E, G). Let's try another example. Each letter represents one tile. Assume each tile is 4 m x 4 m square. From Tile A to Tile G is 16 m long, request 1 minute to walk that 16 m distance, so its 4 tiles/min and 16m/min. Imagine walking 16 m long distance using 1 min within only the Tiles A(4 m x 4 m sqaure), like circling in a square(1 tile), so its 1 tile/min and 16m/min. AB CD EF GH So using tiles/minute might confuse people for representing speed because people walk in curve, S-shape, W-shape, circling, diagonal, irregular line, etc.
  25. ok why you think so? cause it sounds weird? its still allot more logical Some people understand tiles/minute as how many tiles have pass in a minute? like km/h as how many km have pass in a hour. AB CD EF GH Each letter represents one tile. There are 8 tiles here. Assume walking a straight line from Tile A to Tile G is 4 tiles/minute. Same distance and same speed with a straight line with slope from Tile A to Tile H, u can passed through Tile A, C, E, F and H, so it's 5 tiles/minute. So using tiles/minute might confuse people for representing speed. If u understand the concept, u can get 6 tiles/minute from Tile A to Tile H with a curve line with same distance and same speed.