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  1. I am gonna say things in general. Okay, in summary, its about the balance of FASTER EASIER and SLOWER HARDER. When a person are investing or reaching a goal, it always requires a sacrifice of some present asset that they own, such as time and effort. U put more time and effort, always get a better reward in this game. More mining, more veins. More creation and imping, more rares. More bricks and mortars, more variation to shape the house u want, etc. And there is a thing called shorten the time and effort, and get the nearly same amount of rewards. Ya, it sounds great isnt it. I like it too. But the people who leveled up the skill very high for example 100, yes they got the early benefits of the skill, but some feel the rewards that they get are less useful or less powerful now? because other people can do it with less time and effort now. I think this problem affect more in PVP. I am more like a PVE person in the new server so i am happy with everyone get every skills 100 soon for example (some feel its enough after getting at 20) then that's the time to ask the developer to give people more skills to play. I know some people don't think its enough after reaching 100 and some people think its enough after 21 maybe then quit. I am more like a person who ask more rather than quit. I want to know what they are thinking but people who quit don't see this forum. Yes, if u browse this forum that mean u ain't quitting. So i am just gonna let it go. Oh, i haven't talked about risking in this game. 😱
  2. After some time have passed, now butters are HARDER and catapults are ready. I have a journal goal to accomplish. Yes, the rewards are a choice of rift lump and three hours of sleep bonus🤭. Stone shards and ores do the most damage🙄, but i want a SLOWER and better progress, i promise i will make the sheep oilier, thicker and yummier😋. Are u the sheep? Beep Beep I'm sheep. Go crazy now and meow meow like a cow.😳 Covered by a lot of cow fat and protein doesnt mean u aint sheep, u are still yummy.😊
  3. I have been receiving a lot of improvement ideas about how to make things faster, easier, quicker, user-friendlier and more. I understand people like to do things more efficient so that's why people keep leveling up the skills. And i feel like a direction of a sandbox game should be making more variety in the game (more skills) so that there are more things to let people create the things they want, instead of making a game towards two clicks then achieve 100lv or imbue100? I see skills, sandbox, computer as a tool, so more tools mean more things can be done. A pickaxe can mine and a hatchet can chop trees, which then can make a lots of things from lumps and logs😆. Bare hands😳? pottery🙂 and weaponless fighting😱? still okay but u know what i mean. I am glad they achieved HOTTER in the last tea patch. Yes, stills are burning🔥. I am more like a MORE guy📢. Are u tend to be a FASTER, EASIER, QUICKER, USER-FRIENDLIER, etc person? Im gonna go freeze the butter🧊 in the larder with snowballs so that everyone has a better tool on their hands, later. 💨
  4. Hello, WTB the incomplete statue of pumpkin terror fragments that u left for 13c each, u can combine them to 9/10 which is max or 2/10, 1/10 minimum etc. You can cod to me without asking. If the frags had sent before this post closed, I will accept them all. IGName: Coachtwotrio
  5. Hello, with the new skin added this month, now is the perfect chance to take a shiny Rare Large Chest to store ur treasures. Rare Large Pinewood Chest Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 50c Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Not accepted This is a pure rare large pinewood chest without apply any skins, with 71ql~, dam: 0.0. Pickup will be at south or north edge of the three servers.