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  1. 22 hours ago, Ayuna said:

    Would anyone care? I feel like most wouldn't.

    "Oh baby, baby, how was I supposed to know?

    Oh pretty baby, U shouldn't have let u go

    U must confess that ur loneliness is killing u now

    Don't u know u still believe

    That folk will be there

    And give you a sign

    Build it, baby, one more time"


    Not everyone but someone, unless u see everyone as one.

  2. 4 hours ago, Aeryck said:

    Let me first say that I don't actually know how Epic works. I've never been there and I may have this all wrong.


    That's how Epic(SFI) and NFI work.

    On 4/26/2022 at 9:23 PM, Keenan said:

    So, let me shed some light on the possibility of a merge and what it will actually take.


    There are technical challenges here that haven't been present in other clusters:

    • NFI has a number of changes that have yet to be implemented on SFI. This was done intentionally to see the results long-term. I won't list them all here, but we need to review these changes and see what the results are.
    • These changes have caused disparity in the code base making NFI and SFI currently incompatible with each other. A merge isn't as simple as opening the borders.

    Then there are other concerns:

    • What of the effects on the economies? In particular, SFI's economy would literally transform NFI's economy overnight - for better or worse.
    • What of the effects on the people in both clusters? This thread is a testament to the fact that opinions are split.

    These concerns and challenges are the primary reasons why a merge is not in the plans for the short term. Long-term remains to be seen, but we'd be talking beyond a 6-to-9-month timeframe if we do this. The sheer code work involved alone will require scheduling, and we have a lot of work on our plates already.


    With regards to conducting a poll, one thing I've asked of the development team is to dust off the in-game voting mechanic and figure out a way to deduplicate votes from alts to have a more fair and accurate account of what the player base wants. I do not want a person with more money or silver to weigh more heavily than a person who simply keeps a single account going, so it's important to me to get that right. This isn't our highest priority at the moment, with the coming update taking precedence.


    Edit: One other thing I would likely see us do before a merge is to allow travel to Epic first. Again though, there are code complications that must be handled first. This is why it isn't possible right now.


    I hope this clears up my intentions with regards to a merge. The TL;DR is "it's not a 'never', but it's certainly not any time soon".

  3. Feel like that is related to this topic, especially he said "Please keep in mind that making the details of exploits public will exclude you from the rewards mentioned above. You will also be subject to moderation as per the rules as we do not want the exploits to proliferate while we correct them.", "Finally, when we penalise someone for exploiting a bug, we will always reserve the right to review the severity of that exploit and the severity of the punishment.  Don’t complain after the fact, when someone you have an issue with is actively playing again because you knew something about them and did not bother to report them to us.  If you see something, say something.  All reports are confidential and we always investigate.".

  4. I am against to update the current ingame chess boards to the real chess boards.


    However, if people want to play real chess boards in-game, its possible.

    6 hours ago, Tristanc said:

    There were totally player-built, using slate and stone slab tiles, with various types of statues representing the individual chess pieces on a lifesize scale.

    If the slate and stone slab board is too big and the statues are too hard to move, we can always use something like shafts to build a chess board and use the small statuettes in jewellry smithing. Castle or en passant is not a problem in a sandbox game like wurm.

  5. The ability to differentiate the concept of noob and veteran. And the guy able to communciate to make others to consider that the guy is a veteran.
    Cause, personally, i consider all people are noobs unless they express themself and make me aware they are a veteran.


    A GM once told me "I have been crystal clear with what I have said. As you have been a player since Sept of 2020, you have 2 yrs experience as to how this works."
    I was like can't u see my cute noobie face😳? Then i went to other GM who can see that.😁👶


  6. The small brain prefer smaller stone
    Harder than big stone but smaller
    Help stone to lose weight
    Stone on a diet
    Chiselling until stoneless
    Small stone generator
    Stone dust generator
    Naughty stone damager

    Sculpturer's weapon
    Two eyes one chisel
    Chiseler focus on stone



  7. When i got confused and frustrated with some situations, i kept the questions then asked at a specific time, usually the next day in CA Help channel.
    The guy not only has the knowledge, but the ability to differentiate the similarities, also has the profound insight by only looking at words.
    I can only see the side of the guy being a helpful helper. Thank you for showing the good side. The other sides? IDK if it existed or not.🙄 Confused as usual.🤭

  8. There is no motivation to imp the statue 90QL+, except want to see signature of its maker more clearly, harder to bash, decay slower offdeed, brag, or just see the number go up, etc.(shrugging)


    Have a thought on creating more motivation.

    The higher the quality of the statue is, the brighter and less grey the color of the dye allow to paint on it.

    For example:

    30QL statue only allow 100,100,100 to 156,156,156, can't paint <100 or >156 dye.

    50QL statue only allow 50,50,50 to 206,206,206, can't paint <50 or >206 dye.

    70QL statue only allow 20,20,20 to 236,236,236, can't paint <20 or >236 dye.

    90QL statue only allow 0,0,0 to 255,255,255, can paint any RGB dye.

    This create a movtivation to imp the statue for some people, because they want the brighter and less grey dye on statue.

    And it fit the Wogic.



  9. I feel like they seldom say they don't know the answer to the question because they tried to decrease the chance to get lost in shuffle, so that questions can be seen and can answer questions more efficiently.
    Imagine the chat keep shuffling by the sentences "sorry i don't know the answer to the question.", instead of focus on seeing questions.
    I choose to assume they don't know the answer when they don't say anything to the question because i try to avoid the vicious cycle.
    People are getting used to have blue ticks now, isn't it? 😏

  10. 9 hours ago, Wurmhole said:

    but it isn't realistic to think they will be able to understand the scope of what it takes to maximize skill gains.

    I think you have underestimated how quick the new players can learn from scratch. And the amount of veterans just don't know or don't care all the strategies to maximize skill gains.


    9 hours ago, Wurmhole said:

    1. Undertanding how to achieve optimal skill ticks (items QLs, difficulty levels vs current skill).

    2. Tool enchants/imbues.

    3. Affinities

    4. Sleep Bonus and all the ways to gain it.

    5. Coffee.

    6. Sweet Spot

    7. Meditation

    8. Diety bonus

    9. Holy site buffs


    There are more pieces, like 10. journal reward bonus.


    Complexity is the selling point of this game. So it attracts both new players and veterans in general.


    9 hours ago, Wurmhole said:

    Just don't make skill gains so complex that only the most hard core players can get the full benefit.

    Well, the hard core new players can get the full benefit too. I dont see the word veterans equal to hardcore players. Is it really about the new players VS veterans? Seems like its more about the hardcore players VS casual players.


    9 hours ago, Wurmhole said:

    I really don't know any other games that show so much love to the veteran population, at the expense of bring in new players and making them feel like they have a chance to be competitive.

    Not every new players are looking to be competitive in this game. Some are even avoiding it. Just chill, veterans.