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  1. I am against to update the current ingame chess boards to the real chess boards. However, if people want to play real chess boards in-game, its possible. If the slate and stone slab board is too big and the statues are too hard to move, we can always use something like shafts to build a chess board and use the small statuettes in jewellry smithing. Castle or en passant is not a problem in a sandbox game like wurm.
  2. The ability to differentiate the concept of noob and veteran. And the guy able to communciate to make others to consider that the guy is a veteran. Cause, personally, i consider all people are noobs unless they express themself and make me aware they are a veteran. A GM once told me "I have been crystal clear with what I have said. As you have been a player since Sept of 2020, you have 2 yrs experience as to how this works." I was like can't u see my cute noobie face😳? Then i went to other GM who can see that.😁👶
  3. Naughtiness vs Emptiness? Prefer a storyline about the naughty behaviours in wurm. At least there are something. A story of emptiness is still empty. Good luck.
  4. The small brain prefer smaller stone Harder than big stone but smaller Help stone to lose weight Stone on a diet Chiselling until stoneless Small stone generator Stone dust generator Naughty stone damager Sculpturer's weapon Two eyes one chisel Chiseler focus on stone Chiseler
  5. When i got confused and frustrated with some situations, i kept the questions then asked at a specific time, usually the next day in CA Help channel. The guy not only has the knowledge, but the ability to differentiate the similarities, also has the profound insight by only looking at words. I can only see the side of the guy being a helpful helper. Thank you for showing the good side. The other sides? IDK if it existed or not.🙄 Confused as usual.🤭
  6. Solrise at northwest Heart contracts day after day As warm as wurming
  7. There is no motivation to imp the statue 90QL+, except want to see signature of its maker more clearly, harder to bash, decay slower offdeed, brag, or just see the number go up, etc.(shrugging) Have a thought on creating more motivation. The higher the quality of the statue is, the brighter and less grey the color of the dye allow to paint on it. For example: 30QL statue only allow 100,100,100 to 156,156,156, can't paint <100 or >156 dye. 50QL statue only allow 50,50,50 to 206,206,206, can't paint <50 or >206 dye. 70QL statue only allow 20,20,20 to 236,236,236, can't paint <20 or >236 dye. 90QL statue only allow 0,0,0 to 255,255,255, can paint any RGB dye. This create a movtivation to imp the statue for some people, because they want the brighter and less grey dye on statue. And it fit the Wogic.
  8. More real QoL changes. Happy. More memes on the fake one. Happy. Happy anyway.
  9. I feel like they seldom say they don't know the answer to the question because they tried to decrease the chance to get lost in shuffle, so that questions can be seen and can answer questions more efficiently. Imagine the chat keep shuffling by the sentences "sorry i don't know the answer to the question.", instead of focus on seeing questions. I choose to assume they don't know the answer when they don't say anything to the question because i try to avoid the vicious cycle. People are getting used to have blue ticks now, isn't it? 😏
  10. Thank you for making those videos for better understanding. Excited to the new skill and the new style of creating a community map.
  11. I think you have underestimated how quick the new players can learn from scratch. And the amount of veterans just don't know or don't care all the strategies to maximize skill gains. There are more pieces, like 10. journal reward bonus. Complexity is the selling point of this game. So it attracts both new players and veterans in general. Well, the hard core new players can get the full benefit too. I dont see the word veterans equal to hardcore players. Is it really about the new players VS veterans? Seems like its more about the hardcore players VS casual players. Not every new players are looking to be competitive in this game. Some are even avoiding it. Just chill, veterans.
  12. Overall it sounds perfect. Each of deities have their role in the game.
  13. when the portal is ready 😅
  14. Name changes is currently existing and all handled by the GMs right? Due to the offensive names that may disturb others. So this kind of renaming create a more delightful environment to others. Now, we are talking about the non-offensive names that want to be changed. How can this suggestion create a more delightful enjoyment to others? Yes, if people rename their name shorter(not longer) to make the name easier to type while mailing said by the OP. Alright, i see ur reasons. Then how can this suggestion create a more disturbing environment to others? Can't find any of the previous conversations or encounter in the log files with the current name. Extra work to check the previous name, like hover the mouse on other players names, press more buttons/hotkeys e.g. CTRL+L/just L to examine. Pretty much need to do this work especially on PVP servers when seeing unfamiliar names, also the new players, etc. U would want to know the top tier raiders have changed their name or not.
  15. Took a photo at the starter town. The four colours on the books seems like representing them respectively. Are u trying to desecrating Libila? 👶
  16. The world of Wurm Online is based on a medieval setting. Dragons in western cultures since the High Middle Ages have often been depicted as winged, horned, and capable of breathing fire. Shouldn't it base on the colours in the medieval period? The video mentioned about the difference between the gold and yellow in the medieval times, and talked about other colours too.
  17. The proposal allows more combinations on decorating player's name. If someone decide to make the 100lv tile of blades smithing called The 50 Shapes Off the Blades, For expamples: Accomplished Occultist Blades the Professional Mercenary Accomplished The 50 Shapes Off the Blades Blades the Professional Mercenary Then the players name can be the Off because there is the word "the" behind the Off. This can cause the confusing or limiting the choice to create a 100lv title. The player name has to somehow stand out in order to make other people to unerstand the name isn't the part of a title, only the word "the" is not enough.
  18. It shows OP is an experienced auctioneer. Those examples are great for players.
  19. The progess is allow. People can make the half-way lawn for look. It just doesnt look like a complete lawn.
  20. This is in a progress turning the tile into a complete lawn. It will eventually turn into a complete lawn after the bush/tree die. Bush/tree on a lawn tile can consider as a half-way lawn. After complete the lawn, it should not have any sprouts. This is a preparation to create a good condition for the the bush/tree to grow successfully. Remove the grass, wreck the lawn, cultivate, maybe even mulching, etc.
  21. Using its tedious function to do things. Marsh have its purposes under the current mechanic in both PVP and PVE.
  22. Are they still tamed while the unhitch because of the old age?