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  1. Took a photo at the starter town. The four colours on the books seems like representing them respectively. Are u trying to desecrating Libila?
  2. The world of Wurm Online is based on a medieval setting. Dragons in western cultures since the High Middle Ages have often been depicted as winged, horned, and capable of breathing fire. Shouldn't it base on the colours in the medieval period? The video mentioned about the difference between the gold and yellow in the medieval times, and talked about other colours too.
  3. The proposal allows more combinations on decorating player's name. If someone decide to make the 100lv tile of blades smithing called The 50 Shapes Off the Blades, For expamples: Accomplished Occultist Blades the Professional Mercenary Accomplished The 50 Shapes Off the Blades Blades the Professional Mercenary Then the players name can be the Off because there is the word "the" behind the Off. This can cause the confusing or limiting the choice to create a 100lv title. The player name has to somehow stand out in order to make other people to unerstand the name isn't the part of a title, only the word "the" is not enough.
  4. It shows OP is an experienced auctioneer. Those examples are great for players.
  5. The progess is allow. People can make the half-way lawn for look. It just doesnt look like a complete lawn.
  6. This is in a progress turning the tile into a complete lawn. It will eventually turn into a complete lawn after the bush/tree die. Bush/tree on a lawn tile can consider as a half-way lawn. After complete the lawn, it should not have any sprouts. This is a preparation to create a good condition for the the bush/tree to grow successfully. Remove the grass, wreck the lawn, cultivate, maybe even mulching, etc.
  7. Using its tedious function to do things. Marsh have its purposes under the current mechanic in both PVP and PVE.
  8. Are they still tamed while the unhitch because of the old age?
  9. Unicorns are highly resistant to disease and starvation/hunger issues faced by other animals while living in less than ideal conditions. They can still suffer from these issues but typically take much longer to experience them due to triggering conditions than most other animals. Unicorns can have the Hardened/Champion animal condition which increased defence unlike hell horse/horse. Assume they are equal in speed as OP have said. Lets not talk about the advantage of unicorn can hold two peoeple while riding. Lets focus on the hitching on cart part. Make unicorns stay hitched to vehicles after they get untamed. Meaning as long as people dont unhitched them manually, unicorn is possible to stay hitched to the vehicles like forever until they die. Imagine a same speed as OP have assumpted, highly resistant to disease and starvation, higher defense, stay hitched to vehicles forever, stay peaceful to the rift creatures and mobs. A cared for hitched unicorn with silver horse shoes, people dont need to avoid rift mobs or uniques to keep the animals alive, dont need to check the age of the animals, dont need to find the animals when it unhitched at certain age while u afk/log out, dont need to social distancing to the animals. That sounds OP. The major downside is that people need to do extra work while crossing servers, because it requires people to hitch and unhitch them. It can turn into a minor downside if the people have high taming skill/unlimited tame materials/fo priest, or just park unicorn hitched carts on every servers. IMO, the adavangtages of letting them stay hitched to vehicles after they get untamed, makes these(the limit to certain type of horse shoes, extra time to breed, grinding to high taming skill) a minor downside. That just mean the suggestion make the unicorn OPer than hell horse if poeple are willing to spend more times and efforts. But thats just the mechanic. I think the main focus should be on the lore of the unicorn in medival period. According to the wiki: Medieval knowledge of the fabulous beast stemmed from biblical and ancient sources, and the creature was variously represented as a kind of wild ass, goat, or horse. The unicorn, tamable only by a virgin woman If they are wild and tame with certain condition, that means people should not see them get hitched and tamed commonly, like seeing people using their cart with hitched unicorns to go to the rift, park on every servers, etc. The unhitched after getting untamed mechanic keeps the unicorn go wild. I think that is their intention to keep up the lore. Which one is the truth? The wurmpedia didn't mention about the age thing on unicorn page.
  10. If u are looking for a more fair and equal chance to enjoy, that mean u may not looking for a fair and equal chance to enjoy, otherwise u wont choose the word more. More fair Vs fair are two different concepts. The word more make me feel u are trying to compare now and the future. The future doesnt have to be fair but the future have to be more fair than now. If this endgame content is more fair compare to now, then u can accept that its okay to be an unfair system? Thats what i am getting from u. Do u think the rift is a fair system?
  11. Of course it makes sense, it won't change if the people u are talking about are the devs. If the people u are talking about are the normal players which exclude the players who are also the devs, are u trying to say the people who make money off these events don't want it changed hold the power behind the throne? What are u trying to say? How did u know the devs havent fix this system because the people who make money off these events don't want it changed?
  12. If the community enjoy the magical experiences in private slaying, how come it doesn't serve the community with the current game mechanics surrounding uniques/legendaries? People gonna need to ask the devs the intention of making a unique hunting mechanic. Which part of community are u targetting since this is a mechanic require people who are willing to put a decent amount of efforts? Are u still willing to talk about turning it to rift or move on to turn it to archaeology?
  13. Feel like a trick to change the date that has already said. Feel like a treat to gain an extra 1 hours sleep bonus on the event. The time to trick or treat is over. Mariah is staring at the naughty kids with a classic smile.