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  1. Of course this game will keep changing, that's why we have updates. "Never had a clear vision or end goal", do u mean one day wurm might become a human? Meaning not a game anymore. I believe wurm online has some core elements that is hardly to change, such as fantasy, sandbox, medieval, and a game. About the all pvp only, this is a game mechanic, isn't really related to shake or change the cores: fantasy, sandbox, medieval, game, still in a European area or and middle ages time. Tich's cooking system, something related to fishing? its still a game mechanic. I believe the cooking recipes and fishes they added, we can see them in the medieval time. Mythical creature, this is a folklore, as i said folklore is included in fantasy. Dragons are an important role in fantasy theme, and its mostly popular in all kind of fantasy game. I couldn't see why they shouldn't add it. Because its so important and popular, i believe "We will never add Dragons" is just a gimmick to get people attention and advertise this game, and of course they did a great job on adding the dragons eventually. They added the January' Monthly Skin recently, "Dragon Statuette", people are very excited. It got 37 replies until now, just nine days. December, November, October, September are just 10,4,23,27 respectively after all this time. I don't care what they didn't added, i care about what they added. We are not compare wurm to the wurm before 15 years ago to 1 day ago. We are making sure wurm is similar to a fantasy game that the team of wurm told us u will expect this theme in the game. I am glad people can see the fantasy theme in this game.
  2. Hmm... is that mean people ship the mountain gorilla from pvp to pve server. The wiki said mountain gorilla spawns inside Mol-Rehan kingdoms. I shouldn't use only if they can be breed on pve server, if the baby spawn on pve. They are not on NFI pve server then ha. Because its portal swap.
  3. What is the authority to group the spellings and meanings of all words? I would say someone/something that know 100% everything about languages. Assume the someone/something is called some100%. Some100% need to know all the words, meanings, grammars, created by who, when, where, how, why, know how to input the information into individual without mistakes(individual receive and understand what the some100% told fully), etc. What is some100%? Does it exist or not? Then its up to u to define. Back to daily life. Everyone can group the spellings and meanings of all words to make sure other people understanding each other. Into a book called dictionary maybe or just write on trees? The thing is, other people will decide to use it or not, based on is it reasonable? But because of people can't really see all the dictionaries in the world, and it is subjective, its just an opinion on which dictionaries should be. For example, 99% of people choose Dictionary A. 1% of people choose Dictionary B. Does Dictionary A commonly use within people? Yes. Does it have all the words and meanings we need? I believe i don't know. Is it the time need some100% to come back now? Back to two people communication, they can choose a dictionary to learn in order to communicate with each other, they understand the words in this dictionary. And this dictionary become this two people the "maximum authority". Oh they don't like someone define for them. Go ahead and make a dictionary within us two. The dictionaries can be big or small, like it can contain only one word. Just like what i did, defined some100% for u to understand. How did u understand me? I have no idea, maybe a built-in mechanism within human. Do i know u understand me or not? I believe i don't know, but i will try to know whether u understand me or not. At the end of the day, we just want someone to understand ourself. Can u hold a thought that other people can't understand u, and be nice to them. I feel like i talked too much in this week.
  4. Let me stop being naughty. To answer ur question, about authority, i would say the person who created the word. Like for example, person A created "yes" he defined yes as yeast. person B created "yes" he defined yes as bread. Person A and person B have total authority to define, use, speak, type or change of their own "yes" word. But the person A don't have the authority to the word "yes" created by person B. Vice versa. The spelling of the words are same but the authorities are separated. Even if the meanings are the same, person A define "yes" as baker. person B define "yes" as baker. But because person A is not reference from person B, and they don't know their each other existence. Its just coincidence. Person A still don't have the authority to the word "yes" created by person B. Person A can only have the authority to his word "yes". Person A has the authority of his own "yes" as baker. Person B has the authority his own "yes" as baker. Person A don't have the authority of "yes" as baker created by person B. Vice versa. Because we hardly know word who is the creator of the word. And the only person who know who is the creator, is the creator himself and he know he referenced others or not. Other people hardly know who has the authority because u are not person A and B. Unless u are someone like 100% know everything. However, when comes to understanding each other, we need to define the word into same meaning in order to know what other person saying. So is ur question actually asking, what is the authority to group the spellings and meanings of all words to make sure other people understanding each other. Otherwise the yeast and bread situation will come up.
  5. I can't wait for the modern people to change the spelling to get their own identity. A apprentice baked a kokonut taste kookie and a biskuit which inspired by a kook. The baker is surprised how they look so kool. Which period does all these people belong to? 20th yo, I go to skhool by e-learning bekause of Kovid. Yo, u build-in checking spelling bot stop red underline the words. I know i got it right. U naughty.
  6. As people said wurm has it own mythology and magic, which makes wurm a unique game. We just need to make sure it execute as it told people what u will expect in this game. Other games may have a similar themes and mechanics, but people can see the differences. We are creating and shaping wurm into a fantasy medieval sandbox game as it told. But who knows, someone might be naughty and shape their houses into a helicopter in wurm. Lasers, submarines, helicopters and planes in wurm? Ya, a true sandbox game. What couldn't happen? I got 98lv carpentry, i could make multiple houses and shape it into a single helicopter. But i am well behaved.
  7. lets define the word fantasy, a type of story or literature that is set in an imaginary world, often involving traditional myths and magical creatures and sometimes ideas or events from the real world, especially from the medieval period of history Ref from Everyone have their impression of what wurm online present to themselves. Which means if the goal of the team is to make a fantasy game, and try to execute the game with a fantasy theme. But the players see the outcome isn't a fantasy theme, this thing is subjective, maybe the creator isn't execute the theme properly. I believe the responsibility of the player is to keep making sure that the team are on track, and keep giving nice feedback with reasons. To make a better and proper game. Maybe their end-goal or final vision is changed, is the ancient vision still stand? so that players can support it. Like adding and suggesting things for a theme. or if the theme is changed then player change the suggestions for the changed theme. Maybe the team don't know what should be the vision is, then forum is a good way to tell the team what people want. The devs are busy. We got passion, time to search history because we want to create and shape wurm to a decent game and reduce some of their workload. Like they advertise wurm as "A massive world you can create and shape around you." Lets verify the corn and potato. After the arrival of Europeans in 1492, Spanish settlers consumed maize, and explorers and traders carried it back to Europe and introduced it to other countries. Widespread cultivation most likely began in southern Spain in 1525. So medieval ended in late 15 centuries, its okay makes sense. The Bison. The species survived in the Ardennes and the Vosges Mountains until the 15th century. John Trevisa said bysontes" (Middle English). The Mountain gorilla. Since the discovery of the mountain gorilla subspecies in 1902. Who added this to this game? Mountain gorilla only spawns inside Mol-Rehan kingdoms. I believe its because Mol-Rehan have some kind of magic to resurrect it from fossil from 1.2 to 3 million years ago. Gladly it doesn't spawn all over in wurm maps. Otherwise it isn't really making any sense in medieval period. This game trick me to study history omg. History isn't boring at all if u have a purpose. Assume the wikipedia and WWF told me the best as they can. If u ask me, i still see this whole game as a fantasy, medieval game with a little bit mountain gorilla situation we can discuss. The reasons are the trace, mark, trail, evidence are everywhere(from spoiler). The current art dev see this game as a medieval game so we will keep receiving medieval arts from her. Advertise wurm online as a fantasy sandbox world from steam. An article with a sealing wax for newbie to read said the world of wurm online is based on a medieval setting. From The Creator, a leading fantasy-simulator. If the current devs said it isn't a fantasy, medieval game, i feel jebaited. Am i using it right? I have no idea. Because the newbie article that i read from day 1 said it is a fantasy, medieval games with a sharp, red sealing wax.
  8. Is wurm online depicting, referencing or involving any area or time age? What do u think until now? I see oil and candle lamps but no light bulbs. Using a larder with ice balls but no refrigerator. At least its not modern. Dragons(with big wings), goblins, trolls, kyklops(aka cyclops), etc are some kind of folklore? At least these are western folklore heavily involved . Or maybe i missed something. Portcullises fortified the entrances to many medieval castles. Plate armour, chain armour are common during the medieval period. Define medieval period first, i think people would agree that when u see this words, the first impression is about the history of Europe from 5th to late 15 centuries? So. What, Where, Who, are the icons, symbols, landmarks, people that represent in the medieval period? What do u expect to see during the medieval period? what is ur first impression of medieval period? Did wurm online do a good job? Do u like to see medieval period things in wurm online? What should they add next? Should they keep medieval period as a direction of this game? I guess no one will tag this isn't a fantasy game, as u can see spider is bigger than human body in game. (Oh don't tell me the species look like spider isn't spider and the species look like human isn't human, they are just some fantastical species which are not related to spider and human. And the name "spider" is just a fantastical name made up for the fantastical species in game, nothing related to spider in the world. Its just something made up in a fantastical way.) If u say something like that, i believe its called fiction not fantasy. Tags for Wurm online on steam: Free to Play, RPG, Sandbox, Massively Multiplayer, Adventure, Indie, Building, Open World Survival Craft, MMORPG, PvP, Online Co-Op, PvE, Fantasy, Survival, Crafting, Multiplayer, Open World. Tags for Wurm unlimited on steam: Open World Survival Craft, Open World, RPG, Sandbox, Crafting, Survival, Building, Adventure, Multiplayer, Indie, Base Building, Co-op, MMORPG, Singleplayer, PvP, First-Person, Medieval, Fantasy, PvE, Massively Multiplayer. As u can see wurm unlimited have a Medieval tag, i don't see many art differences between wurm online and wurm unlimited. At least until now.
  9. Art devs don't need to know coding or QA skills to be art devs? Yes. Making arts into this game require Coding devs to code? Yes. Will the changes require both art devs and cod devs communicate with each other? Yes, not only the the devs but many other people too. Does communication and making decisions take time? Yes. Will they have time to focus other projects rather than this? I don't know. Which priority come first? That's ur opinion. Does these stop people bugging each other? No. Because people have their own definitions of appearance, representation, customization and cosmetic. They have some similarity, but need to distinguish and classify while discussing.
  10. They added a new tool called coffee ibrik on the previous update. What should they add this time to make a coffee like this? I have bare hands for tools to wash the product.
  11. @ Archaed OP said the in game character model isn't enough for people to have some kind of connection with their RL appearance. What i think is capturing people's RL appearance into in game appearance will make people feel very connective. Because its almost the same. About the VR, because u can capture ur RL skin condition in the future with a specific camera, u can see ur skin condition through VR while playing games. So that it can reflect ur health.
  12. To answer ur title of this post. Gaming in the future, we might need to take a picture of our real life self every second to keep updating the appearance in the game, it tracks ur face, body muscles. The way u look, smile and moves, u cant see the differences between u in RL and toons in game. Can u face urself? Isn't there VR upcoming? With a microscope camera, lets zoom in to see how many good bacteria are on ur skin. If there are many bad bacteria, then u will be disconnected from the game, and do a treatment in RL to maintain a good health. If u are making movies with these idea, reference me.
  13. Oh, faster, quicker and more babies. Sounds good but they probably are not gonna do it. People were willing to buy horses when the NFI steam launch happened. After almost a year, an animal update changed the traits on animals, i would say it was a reset. That means people needed to buy the horses again and breed again of course or even expand their deeds, build more fences. I witnessed my neighbours spent quite amount of silvers on those two moments. I believe some of the people did that too. Shorten the growing time means good and rare horses are gonna be more in the market which decrease the value of the animals. I don't think they want to see that unless the rune is made by moonmetal instead of electrum or something like that. Because moonmetal can be bought in mark shop. however the current moonmetal runes slots are already taken. But they can find a way if they want. Maybe they will do it if there is a PVP promotion, it can accelerate the time of making a good horses in PVP, because horses is important in PVP, it helps the newcomers to get good horses quicker to attract newcomers to join. But runes are kind of hard to get in PVP right? especially for newcomers. Maybe they will just skip the growing time in PVP without needing a rune, but not in PVE.