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  1. Under the current mechanic, 20% for adamantine, 20% for glimmersteel, 20% for iron, 20% for seryll, 20% for steel. The chances of getting them are equal and fair. I know u were saying the effort and time that u put may not be equal to the reward that u want, but other people have the same fair chance to experience that too. The inequality that u mentioned is good for the economy: Person A get a glimmersteel cutlass and loss silvers, while Person B loss a glimmersteel cutlass and gain silvers. Is that called pay to win?
  2. If u don't like making alts, there are another options, one of them is making more silvers. Work hard to make more silvers to buy the glimmersteel cutlass on trade chat.
  3. Exactly guys. Make a new alt. More alts if u got no luck. Make more silvers. It just like the 2019 Christmas gift, one toon only can get one random gift from the tree. If u want more, make more silvers to premium another toon or buy the gift from others. It's a one time reward for one toon but it's two rewards for two toons. I know i may sound like a workaholic but i am probably not a workaholic. Word hard to get a valuable reward is satisfaction. Also the current mechanism create trades, some want a glimmersteel cutlass, some want a seryll cutlass, they exchange, sell or buy, make the trade chat more alive. Who need to trade with others if u can choose the reward by urself.
  4. Imagine u can only get one item from five items. A a adamantine cutlass, a glimmersteel cutlass, a iron cutlass, a seryll cutlass, a a steel cutlass. Ur goal is to get the glimmersteel cutlass. There is only 20% to get the the glimmersteel cutlass in the current mechanic. The mechanic that OP suggest is people can choose one items from the five items, that's 100% to get the the glimmersteel cutlass. U probably have to work more to get the glimmersteel cutlass under the current mechanic compare to what OP suggested. IDK may be work more to have silvers to trade with others. Or make more alts?
  5. Random makes it hard to get compare to a reward chose by players.
  6. If a reward isn't the one that i want, i will work harder to try to get the reward i want. But not something change the mechanic. If the reward is hard to get, it just makes it more valuable.
  7. Congratulation to the new Opt-out policy, Maybe one day I will be ready to report the settlements and guard towers to a third party community map. Hope the people won't report all the needed settlements and info on the first day, since the first day will always be the busy day, try not to let the map manager get too exhausted. Congrats to the new job and be the volunteer. I already sent u a pm.
  8. A bunch of experience players take away one of the little fun from wurm online for small amount of newbie, Is there a compensation for the newcomer newbie.
  9. In any third party program, I believe asking the permission from the person is the best because they might not expect any third party programs that are sharing info in public. Don't know what they will think after they find out. Third party programs ain't compulsive to sign up to play wurm, don't expect people to use it. Some might consider third party programs are some kind of cheating tools and they refuse to give any attention to them. I believe that's why the third party map owner set up a DO NOT POST DEEDS THAT AREN'T YOURS OR HAVE APPROVAL TO POST BY MAYOR rule to forbid players from sharing what they discovered. That is one of the great part of not showing deed on the third party map, that give people an opportunity to start conversation on server chat or whatever communication platform and become more socialize on a MMO. That is what the exploration update are for. Maybe someone who will nice enough to guide u to the destination or simply teleport u if they have a priest in-game. Instead of just looking on a third party map and figure the location out by urself.
  10. Let me elaborate. No spoiler for the kids no matter they like it(discover the mystery by themself) or not(who asked CA Help). Doesn't matter there are more people who asked CA Help(not enjoy) than the people want to discover it by themself(enjoy) or not because all kids should not get the spoiler. It sounds a bit harsh to the kids but ya. It fix the problem to keep answer the same frequent question in a different way. Got to learn it by urself, kids. Maybe only give u some hints if it's too hard. Well, some people consider hints as spoilers as well.
  11. Totally, no spoiler for the kids no matter they like it or not. We are bunch of spoiled kids.
  12. Not on the map but on the forum. I mean i am openly in-game but hermit on third party map. I simply ask the forum monitor to delete the deed info on forum if i see that. I am concerning what the hermit in both people would think. Might have to agree what Gingeko said, they might have to reconsider is this game still good for them.
  13. I can't speak for Tukodama, but Don't even have fences to block people to have a tour. The problem is the harm to the community which caused by the Opt-out policy more than the Opt-in IMO. I didn't choose cadence because of Opt-in policy at first. But i stay here one of the reason is because it is the only one Opt-in policy in the entire NFI.
  14. There is a mechanism in the actual map that once you have opted out, your deed is marked so that it is not added by accident in the future. The problem isn't ur deed gets re-added to the map because the program have a list to avoid adding ur deed on map. The real problem is, Opt-out rule increase the chance to see ur deed name and coordinate post on forum because other people don't aware ur deed is on the list to stop posting ur deed info on forum. Unless the program also directly monitor the forum post, otherwise the deed owner or forum monitor have to monitor the forum whether ur deed info are added on forum or not. That would increase people workload. For example, request the forum monitor to delete the posts which have ur deed info. Not on the map but on the forum. Ur privacy of deed name and coordinate get revealed on the forum more likely. Instead Opt-in rule have a less chance that other people post ur deed name and coordinate on forum because people can only post the deed they owned. Because of the community is what matter most. Provide an opportunity to talk to others with care about what the people actually think no matter the people agree to appear on a forum/third party map or not. Opt-in is the choice.