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  1. WurmNode

    NVM, probably just parcing.
  2. YESSS! Thank you devs for listening to the players.
  3. Doesn't this still make being knowledge on freedom and something useful for pvp on defiance the better option. I'm not seeing the benefit to being knowledge on defiance...
  4. Not quite the same but I do use
  5. Dispel is a pretty important spell for removing aoe spells that have been cast. Probably best that it does interrupt. At least that is my thought.
  6. I came to this thread to see if anyone else has noticed this. Its seems a bit subjective but I thought it was enough to notice and come searching the forums. 93arch, 83resto and I feel like i'm getting more non iron/steel...
  7. +1 Stop forcing us into some end game meta in this "sandbox" game.
  8. Agreed, big missed opportunity to add some depth and give relevance to the underutilized preaching skill. Instead they just add a barrier to allowing people to play the way they want.
  9. I noticed this with making shafts as well. I had all my actions queued up, but when the maplewood log ran out it produced two more shafts of various woodtypes and the qualities were beyond what the ql was of the log I had. Didn't spend any time trying to reduplicate it but I did have it happen.
  10. Recently started working fletching, (now up to 85 skill) and this is definitely needed. I timed how long it took to imp a single cedar arrow to 80ql and it was just under 10 minutes....for ONE arrow. I'll go ahead and do the math for everyone, that is just under 7hrs for a single quiver full of 80ql arrows. So I wholeheartedly support this idea to allow us to bundle arrows for imping.
  11. Would be curious about this too. Believe the wiki just says "reduces decay compared to other woodtypes".