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  1. -1 You have your player base (from all sides/kingdoms) here telling you exactly what they want/need/think and you are choosing to disregard it. Listen to your players.
  2. I'd give up my defiance gear for this.
  3. 100 faith lib priest that could help. don't need it for journal.
  4. [08:17:25] You bandage the wound with a Rockzalt's stocking. It did consume the stocking.
  5. Looks like Golden Valley is having some issues, believe that's also the login server.
  6. The special actions for FO seem quite underwhelming compared to the other deities. As well as the pulse effects. Really don't see FO holy sites getting as much action as other sites. Perhaps a bit of balancing is needed in this.
  7. It doesn't do any dividing. You can have 100 people in JK, but they are in 50 different alliances anyways. PMKs just remove some of the problems in attacking/being attacked by people within the same kingdom.
  8. The starter kingdoms shouldn't have a ton of infighting. They are best served as fairly safe/stable kingdoms for new players to join while they build skills and experience, eventually joining pmks for more indepth pvp.
  9. Sounds like a great solution to a lot of concerns I've seen brought up since joining defiance. +1
  10. Archery seems fine to me but fletching needs to be looked at. The missing 4x quality gain from all the tools except log is an actual broken game mechanic, its been broken for years, its been brought up in multiple threads and yet its still broken....