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  1. Currently on pvp servers enemy kingdoms can not trade with merchants placed by enemy players. This is a shame, because even if a player sets up a market with reasonable prices, a wide variety, and excellent quality, most players cant even buy them! I suggest we rectify this and allow players to view these excellent shops!


    Thank you.

  2. Never in my life have I met a man that goes more clank clank hiss with his pets. All day and night, clank clank hiss. I've filed noise complaints with the GM team, but they only send him macro checks instead of noise pollution warnings. 

    Once McNecroeBeaverWolf took all the kingdoms bardings, and sacrificed them because he wanted to hit donkies harder.

    He once fell halfway up a mountain and made me chase him up it, only to start falling across the horizon. 

    He's been permabanned multiple times, but every time he logs in on his GM toon and unbans himself.

    He has zero respect for other peoples property, pride, and well being and should be flogged with the tattered remains of all the people he's hurt over the years. 

  3. 4 minutes ago, CistaCista said:

    Oh I see, you are actually hellbent on preventing me from bidding on your goods.


    Well, thank you for wasting my time with this post. Good luck!


  4.  Cheese pmk stuff. Two banners, two tall banners, two flags, one tent, and one wagon.





    A few more screenshots










    Starting bid: 44 silver

    Sniper: 1 hour

    Increments: yes


    Pickup is on a freedom southern coast or d15 chaos