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  1. Am i mad or... Is that a Half Life reference?! If you say so Dr. Stanlee Breen (Thanks for making the slaying bless ya \o/)
  2. This certainly proves that the suggestions section of the forum is being read and considered! Absolutely glorious QoL improvements! Keep up the good work!
  3. Rejoice! It's time to grind On side note, will we have darkened skies/eclipses or something of the sort? Seems a bit off-theme to have Sol shine bright in the sky meanwhile the Halloweens shadow descend upon wurm haha.
  4. +1 convenient and saves space.
  5. Hello there, this thread is more of a question to those more knowledgeable then me as to how shield block and sword parry works. Say hypothetically if you compare an off hand long sword or short sword, and a medium or large metal shield , both at 95 skill for argument sake, would an offhand sword parry/stop damage as much as shield would with block? TLDR trying to see if dual wield sword is feasible from any angle as opposed to shield sword. (Both of these are for PvP scenario,im aware I'd have to carry a shield to swap out and block arrows.) Thanks who ever takes the time to read and help with this question,cheers!
  6. Great idea! The wood chopping behind my house has been finished and i stored all the wood i need and got a bit of excess, would you like to purchase it for some silver? (Jokes aside sorry for continuing this sh*tposting couldn't help my self lolololol)
  7. Hmm, even though a funky idea it does make sense to a degree, game i can remember you actually get a little bit of stats from marriage is ragnarok online. Perhaps if we had 4 different churches we could build in game devoted to each of the 4 gods would give you different stat/bonus depending on which god's church you marry in? Don't mind me, just a hallway thought, hah!
  8. Green Dragon Blood - 1s 25c Sold Green Dragon Scales 0.025 - 1s 50c Sold Rare rope tool - 2s Sold
  9. I have changed my perspective a bit on the matter, perhaps the solution really is to bring back unique features to Epic. It seems most points have been said, if our salvation is unique features they must stay only on Epic with out them "leaking" to Freedom, if new features would prove good enough to attract new players/returning players to our cluster perhaps we don't need a transfer after all. But i suppose said features would have to be monitored and actually fixed in a reasonable time table if bugged especially if severally bugged, before they kill Epic again if it ever gets revived. Here's hoping o/ .
  10. Make backpacks/Quivers dyeable. That's it, that's the suggestion. The fact i match the rest of my armour but quiver/Backpack are always an eye sore even though i want to wear them. Thanks!
  11. With risk of sounding entitled here, i think we deserve some attention as well don't you think ? I mean after all, even though we're on Epic, we are players too.
  12. Well at least our cluster will hopefully get some attention. The thing is, i can't think what could possibly be changed in a positive light to entice people to leave their clusters to play on Epic. Even if you played on Epic for just a month and then went back, as said before you would get nothing to show for it. Honestly if i was a Freedom player, from that perspective i would definitely not waste my time playing on Epic simply because you would had zero progress to your place of origin, Freedom in this example. At our current state, Epic is that one night stand at the club that you dump after a night of fun, and cutoff/block from your life lmao. Don't get me wrong, any development aimed towards Epic in this regard is very appreciated. It's just that i can't think of a change that's positive enough to the degree that would make Freedom players "waste" their time on our cluster. In this regard NFI is the perfect cluster, having skill transfers between their respective PVE/PVP, except fight med/pray, they have both PVE and PVP with Default kingdoms. Not sure if they have PMKs tho. Perhaps thats a solution? To have a single PVE island on Epic with 2x for people to get "ready" on before they come to join one of the 3 kingdom maps on epic? If no transfer is considered i see something like this as a possible solution, it would give PVE orianted people a place to stay on Epic and actually have an economy running. This way it could persuade PVE players to come and build something meaningful on our cluster and for us it would be both ways, cause we could build on PVE Epic isles as well with out being isolated and join into the economy/settle near our cluster, with the benefit of current Epic systems, such as 2x and timers. Obviously i'm not sure how much strain Wurm structure would endure to launch one more "map" / Island that would be on Epic. Just a thought out there, thanks for reading o/
  13. Thanks for time to write and reply to this issue @Keenan Greatly appreciate the transparency. With that said, i must say reading this post left me a somewhat gutted to be frank, as someone whos most skilling was done after 2017. Even with out taking that into account, i still think that the two-way would of been the main incentive to be on Epic to begin with. Other then that we do have mechanics that differentiate us, for me its the Missions for example, actually having value and having that feeling your fighting together for your god. That is my favorite, there's more examples that make Epic a fun cluster, at least for me. It seems that the 2x really complicates things far more then its worth, or at least it seems that way. Would it ever be in consideration to simply to a flat out, total skill transfer 1:1? And after the transfers being enabled , simply doing away with the 2x mechanic, perhaps just keep the timers but take away the 2x skillgain? Honestly don't know. With risk to be at a loss for words, not sure what else to add, from this perspective it seemed to have dashed just a bit of hope away. But alas yet again, thank you again for the honest answer to this issue @Keenan, it is good to know at least at what position Epic stands.
  14. As far as im concerned, absolutely, patch notes are fun! Especially for a game that tends to love and attract min/maxing in every aspect of its being, long patch notes and detailed changes are always appreciated i am sure!