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  1. I am not playing Wurm Unlimited, but Wurm Online. Is that relevant?
  2. I think we had an ingame conversation one day. I am in j20, owning a deed, accross the lake from Cradle. I received help from older players (I only have 6-7 weeks in the game), so if you need assistance that I can give, we can talk about it and find a way.
  3. After working on building a road, I came back to homebase where I realized I had this peculiar item in my inventory: Shadow corpse. The Wurmpedia quickly directed me to the Valrei items page, but I didn't find it listed there. My supposition is I got that by digging. Because that is all I did all day, besides killing a bear, a crocodile and an anaconda. Not entirely sure. However, I sacrificed the item at an altar of Fo, and then I got a mission from Vynora to find 49 more such shadow corpses. I am a follower of Fo, btw. I am posting this because I couldn't find any reference online to this specific item. All I know is now I have a mission from a god I don't follow after sacrificing the item on the altar on my deed that is dedicated to the god I do follow. What do you make of this? Have any of you had similar experiences?
  4. Here is my take on this: If you want privacy, there is something that can fix you. And it's called SINGLE PLAYER. So, if I was a cartographer and discovered things around, I really wouldn't care about your feelings.
  5. I got the game through steam and I play using the steam account. Is there any difference in buying premium in this situation compared to having an account created using the wurm online official site?