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  1. this already has been implemented on defiance
  2. +10000000 to this I suggested last year about categorizing them into material types but I think if it read your inventory instead and based it off that, it'd be a great add.
  3. I just don't understand how it's better on Freedom. The only benefit I see there is a market if you happen to make a rare or want to make some coin to buy premium or whatever. Defiance has less players which in return means more material/resources to farm/use. A hell of a lot more animals and mobs for hunting/animal husbandry related activities, and also access to kingdom titles which we both know is beneficial in certain areas of skilling. In my opinion overall Defiance seems like the much better option even if you don't have a ton of affinities.
  4. Technically i get what you're saying but because we're not forced to skill on Freedom we'll be on defiance instead, which in my eyes isn't really a population increase or a reason to watch population. The only people who think this "isnt too much of a change" are the lazy ones who cant be assed to get 70 med. This is a huge change that people how care about going the next step have been pushing for awhile.
  5. Weird response, the change we asked was to never increase the population at all, its to allow the remaining of the population that puts the effort into having/wanting a game mechanic to actually enjoy it on the server they want to play on, we shouldn't be forced to skill on freedom.
  6. Thank you for this response darklords. We look forward to seeing it implemented hopefully in the near future
  7. Can we get all meditation levels unlocked on defiance at the same time? Quite frankly I think the excuse that "defiance get treasure chests so why shouldn't chaos" to be pretty silly. but as a pvp server i do agree that Chaos should indeed have chests so +1
  8. I love to be able to create pottery items using some type of spin wheel as another way to create pottery items such as jars, bowls etc... Would make use as another cool decorative piece while also providing the ability to have coc/woa casted on it for faster item creation times/more creation skillgain. On another hand sometimes there are mission that require you to create hundred of pottery bowls, would be great way to make those missions a bit more speedy. Materials for crafting(Uses fine carpentry to create/improve[15?]): 1x Rope 1x handle 1x Peg 1x Plate 3x Small Nails
  9. I believe we deserve a choice to be shown in the meditation path leaders list. A simple toggle in profile settings would be sufficient enough. This mechanic has been ABUSED recently in what could've been a possible pvp situation on NFI. Defiance is already dead enough as is, it doesn't help when the enemies can see when we cross over to defiance from PVE servers by looking at the meditation leaders on the PVE servers with alts. This can apply to Chaos too!! Do the right thing and give us some damn privacy!!!!! Or could we please have Enlightenment POK on Defiance, we are the ONLY server in the entire game without it!
  10. Hi there, with the recent changes being you have to be 30 faith to claim the rite i think a few people were worried they wouldn't reach 30 intime. Always been vynora but never went past 10 faith. kicking myself now sitting at 25 faith and unfortunately gonna miss out of this one