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  1. Did a sermon on Defiance which does not share faith with PVE Servers Crossed portal to sermon on PvE and I have a sermon timer even though they don't share faith Not sure if this is intended but seeing as they don't share the same Faith i believe this should be allowed
  2. I say we just bring back the challenge server 2x/3x Increased skillgain 2x action timers Increased improve rates of equipment up to 70ql like defiance 4k map to start off, maybe round 2 if plenty of players increase to 8k No template kingdoms - Freedom kingdom to encourage PMK's - Freedom kingdom cannot have king/titles PMK's enabled - 1g per kingdom No need for premium - uncapped skills 90 day character reset (Promotes not spending all day every day trying to build impenetrable deeds + hiding away "good gear and loot" cause in the end its gonna be reset anyway) No priest restrictions - Keep Champs disabled. Add back all meditation path abilities 1 account per IP logged into the server to get rid of alts Increase max faith gains per day to 10(+2 for completion of journal) Increase max meditations to 10 before 3 hour interval kicks in Centralized HoTA and Depot area to encourage pvp and encourage strategic fighting Leaderboard system + tracking (Most kills, Most Captures of Depots/Hotas, Most Deed drains, Highest pvp rank) - this will give cosmetic rewards on SFI/NFI to the "winners" to encourage playing on the server Reduce unique spawning times to 1 week Remove res stones & mag res stone to encourage a full loot pvp system
  3. have gm created gates + fences around starter areas, if your account is more than 14 days in game playtime you cannot access these areas
  4. Cap breeding to only produce 2 speed traits
  5. Ill kick it off, 10s
  6. As per title, 16k Lead Lumps for auction in a BSB, can deliver to coastal deeds. Starting bid: 5 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Buyout: 16s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes
  7. +1 new map i think would be the ideal way to go, Defiance is due for a reset in my honest opinion
  8. I think he was just meaning taking stuff back to the NFI Islands, not to the new pvp server, start it from scratch with SFI they can already just sail stuff back and forth from chaos and other servers