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  1. Can we please add prayer rare rolls aswell? Almost like the gods giving you treasure to find Working on 70 prayer and lets just say there's been a few rare rolls
  2. 6 months plus now, you'd think some sort of decision would've been made by now.
  3. wta bulk tar

    1s good sir, i expect delivery upon winning x
  4. As a merged to steam user when the client was released on steam i don't get this option when opening the game, maybe the same could possibly be added for steam?
  5. Excuse my lack of reading more in depth to that post, But that is the first one ive seen in a long time. I appreciate the link
  6. I think a lack of knowledge that a test server exists is the main problem. Not once have I seen GM's or PR advertise to come to the test server to try a new change(maybe my lack of trying to keep up with forums), hell i even forgot it existed all of these years. I believe if there was an option on the client to chose which server to connect too and not have a separate client for a test server it would be used more often.
  7. Can cast cure light and cure medium just fine but when casting cure serious on a wound it throws this error [19:35:15] You must target a wound directly when using this spell on a vehicle. havent tried on other mobs but about to go give it a shot
  8. just tabards on chaos/defiance reflect off kingdom and/or make new items for tabards and make it so tabard img is based off the model of the item not the kingdom of the player
  9. please daddy devs we have been good boys xx
  10. I don't identify as male or female and i am so upset at these suggestions... lets make it Pumpkin Person!
  11. +10000 some of us with multiple accounts are even paying upwards of $50 a month, not including silver purchases for deeds etc.