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  1. +10000 some of us with multiple accounts are even paying upwards of $50 a month, not including silver purchases for deeds etc.
  2. PoK 25% on all paths @ level 11 seems like the way to go. No extra damage or DR or whatever, just a simple incentive to not grind on PvE instead of PvP and try and bring some players back. No point trying to stall this any longer devs, your pvp community literally spends hundreds and hundreds(some have spent thousands) of dollars to play on a dying server and we feel neglected and simply let down. I wouldn't be suprised if you see more people leave.
  3. +1 If not a search function, At least a list/menu where if we click on a annotation, it shows a glow around it. Similar to heavy items now when you are weighed down.
  4. My hit landed on him 34 seconds before he died. i couldn't swim out to melee, although i was in melee with him a few minutes prior to the death before he swam out into the water, wasnt going to chase
  5. Caught a couple people out and about with Trash the other day, one didn't pop a tab, the other one for some reason just didn't put me on the tab despite hitting him(note: only managed to get 1 hit) with archery. Unfortunately wasn't recording at the time but heres some logs. He swam out into the water and I was embarked on my horse archering him, also had him targeted. [2021-11-17] [05:37:26] You target Goremorok. [2021-11-17] [05:38:05] Your war arrow hits Goremorok in the right calf. [2021-11-17] [05:38:05] You hit Goremorok extremely hard in the right calf and harm it. [2021-11-17] [05:38:39] Goremorok slain by Trash Just not to sure why it didn't put me on the tab, is there a certain amount of time you have to hit with archery for it to register?