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  1. Feel free to swing by Little Rodentia, its just below Sloping Sands Release
  2. Good to see a scout has made their way to release! Where are you starting from?
  3. could you cod to Zipiravira one of the needles please
  4. I'm on Release and wanted to have a spirit templar as we are getting a lot of mob incursions onto our deed, I know from past experiences that you need to brand animals which are normally hostile to make sure that they dont kill them ( we have champ rats and hell horses on deed ). After requesting the spirit templar from the deed token it spawned and attacked some trolls on deed, died a lot, then I finished one troll which was a problem off. After this I saw it spawn then run over to one of the hell horses pen's and attack the hell horse, I thought that this may be a one off so watched until the fight was over, but then it turned around and went into another pen and started attacking our champ rats. I ran over and stopped it by removing the guard from the deed at the token and thankfully it instantly disappeared! I have one theory why it may have attacked those champ rats and hell horse: when I picked 1 guard at the token there was a delay before it spawned so in that time I branded that hell horse (which was killed) and 2 of the 3 champ rats. We have 3 champ rats and 2 hell horses on deed ( now 1 ), one of the hell horses and champ rats was already branded. My assumption is that these brandings after the guard was summoned didn't register for some reason resulting in the guard considering them as free game to kill. As the branded hell horse and champ rat pre-spirit guard summoning are closer to the deed token so would of been closer and therefore a higher priority target to kill? I have posted the combat log here: Spirit guard chatter here: If possible could I get the initial 2 silver back from summoning the guard, I'm not to concerned about the hell horse but am very thankful it didn't kill any of the champ rats!! I would also be grateful if someone could let me know when this is solved so I can summon a guard as they are needed! Edit: For more info I have a shield on when I go into the rats pen to feed them so that is why there is combat with the champ rats at the start of the log, not sure if that had something to do with it?
  5. Hey you may want to hit up Nocturnes as they are moving to NFI and may be interested in this
  6. I was excited for the caffeine system as I don't get to put in many hours these days but this whole change basically seems to be a negative for casual players? As other people have said already you are basically saying that your definition of a casual player is someone who plays 5 hours a week with no wriggle room for anything else (not that the new bonus will be any good or worth it) I thought sleep bonus was to help casual players and the caffeine speeding up SB usage basically solved that problem. Also to add onto what someone else said, the current system is not suited to casual players, it's very hard to go through all these convoluted processes with no QoL features. I don't really understand the logic behind making a feature designed for a certain player type out of reach by layers of complexity and funnily enough layers of grinding..? like people said with making coffee in campfires, why cant you grow the plants directly into a tile? Maybe I just don't' get it but this ISNT a feature for casual players.
  7. how much for the axe, dragon scale, shoulder pad and chisel?
  8. Sorry just confirming that this is for everything?
  9. ill take 1 unique skull if there is one still available! cod to zipiravira
  10. Thanks for getting back to me! I look forward to seeing all your hard work!