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  1. You can keep spinning until BLACK DRAGON HATCHLINGS run out.
  2. Nothing undermines trust like a ban on freedom of speech and censorship.
  3. Because they don't have access to Chaos. With best regards Captain Obvious
  4. I'll clarify https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/193870-cartography-testing-feedback-wanted In this topic, the idea was expressed that cartography is an aimless activity. Except for 2 maps on the wall. But it makes no sense to introduce a new profession and upgrade the skill for 2 maps on the wall. Let's find at least some meaningful use of cartography. It's impossible that you don't understand this. The answer was "We created it. And you just do it to do it." "...you can consider this our official stance on the matter. " ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I can't argue with the official stance.
  5. Good idea. Unfortunately they won't. This would mean admitting that their cartography is imperfect. Pride won't let it.
  6. Warnings

    Good idea, but difficult to implement. You yourself pointed out a lot of different situations, and didn't point out much more. It's practically impossible to build an algorithm for any act of stupidity. except to give warnings to any action. And this is overkill.
  7. +1 to Skatyna I have my own dungeon under and around my deed. It's enough.
  8. Do you see any difference between these two statues? Not? But after all, one statue is QL80 and the second QL11. What is the difference between a high quality statue and a low quality statue other than decay resistance? There is actually no difference. But IRL the difference is clearly visible. Quality. This is the main word. Why not make the texture quality of the statue dependent on QL of the statue? From the texture of rough stone to shining polished stone. Not necessarily a smooth change, enough reference points at QL 1, 30, 50, 70, 90. May be a transition to rare at QL100 with some chance. What do you think? https://i.imgur.com/8bNRqd7.mp4
  9. WTA unfinished chess board without 1 pawn + 1 pawn to finish board. Used for journal. You can choose any pawn of any wood type from the list Starting bid: 12 s (price for 2 queens + 2 kings) Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: 20 s Sniper Protection: no
  10. Arena recommendations 1. Size. The arena doesn't have to be small. Otherwise after the first corpses nothing is visible on it. 10x10 or so is quite acceptable. 2. Shape. Square with smooth fences. If you start making strange shapes, like | _|7_|, people will get stuck in them, and that is death. 3. Entry/exit. Same as in step 2 No labyrinths at the exit. Not even a passageway. If 10 champ trolls are chasing you and you're stuck, you're dead. Everything should be smooth and clear so that you can easily leave the arena. 4 entrances of course. One on each side. You can place flags or tall banners that are visible above the corpses to indicate gates littered with corpses. 3.1. And BSB with cotton at every entrance. People are treated not inside the arena, but after leaving it. and very uncomfortable when you leave the arena with 1% health and have to run around the whole arena to find cotton somewhere on the other side. Especially when cotton is in one of the crates which is inside cart which is behind some gates. Especially when someone took the cart for a ride. 4.1. Buildings Don't make openings facing the arena. Trolls and goblins can climb. I remember how people ran to catch the monsters that flee up at building through openings. 4.2. buildings Don't make building structures with the bridge and the gate around the arena. Even if the entrance with the bridge looks nice. Like this one. I don’t know what exactly the bug is, but monsters sometimes pass between the bridge and the gate to the outside. 5. Set up FSB for meat and a BSB for other body parts in the arena with permission for everyone. Not everyone has permission to bury inside the deed, and this will help to clear the arena from body parts after butchering. 6. You can put a bell next to the arena to warn people when a new event has started in the arena.
  11. You didn't quite understand each other. The conversation, as I understand it, was not about profit, but about the purpose of this action. At this point, the purpose of cartography is really not clear. And aimless action is of no interest to anyone. But cartography and treasure hunting are two sides of the same coin. Instead of two map put in the casket a only map with hint indicating the search area. As it is now. Upon arrival in the specified area begins cartography. After the map is finished by cartography look at it through a "magnifying glass" (an action that turns a normal map into a treasure map). We will get the same map with X that exists in a caskets now. As the skill increases, the complexity of the map and the quality of the treasure increase too. From a programming standpoint, this is easy to do. Only function "look through a magnifying glass" is added. The function compares the cartography skill and, depending on the skill, starts the process of generating treasure maps with a certain quality that already exists. We get both, the purpose of cartography and diversity in treasure hunting. And it doesn't affect other goals in any way. Such as
  12. While we are waiting for a team of necromancers to revive Xanadu, there is time to improve the map. Towers: Сartmann 282 864,2197 Amaron 458 1013,2001