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  1. We just added more animals to the free pen
  2. The plank will not fit in our current spirit house, but I am willing to deliver if needed. This is one thing I will be looking to improve. DONE
  3. Bumping this to keep it current. I was hoping to see it or something like it in the update coming out. But I don't see it mentioned.
  4. Crest Hill. Located at S21 on Cadence. At Crest Hill we have many shop owners and goods for sale and or free. Here We will keep up a list of current goods for you to get from us. We will expand to accept request here as well soon. Free Animal Pen. Merchant. small barrel maple wood QL 22, 20c 52I small bedside table Maplewood 15c Longsword Iron. QL 10, 10i Sealed Small Barrel of Lemon Juice, (QL 4) 11c sealed small barrel of olive oil (QL 8.5) 18c Crest Hill Inn In process of being built with rooms. Room 1, 2 x 1 ready for 10 iron to sleep in or rent 30 days for 2 copper. Room 2, 2 x 1 ready for 10 iron to sleep in or rent 30 days for 2 copper. Room 3, 2 x 2 ready for 25 iron to sleep in or rent 30 days for 4 copper. Contact Rozzleen on Discord at to rent a room so we can lock the door and make bed free to use! We will be adding to this list as we grow. Thank you
  5. Which Island are you on? Crest Hill of Cadence has space for a new villager.
  6. Bump as we are accepting new members again and updated roles that we have and need.
  7. Good way to expand it Luniraen, Thanks for the pictures
  8. I knew I could not be the only one to come up with this great idea. Lets keep it current
  9. I meant to explain as an extension per floor. So a three story building would need 2 extensions for it to come out on the roof.
  10. Can a new item be developed where we can add an extension to the chimneys of ovens, forges, and such so when we have a multiple floor building, we can extend the chimney and the smoke to come out of the roof? Say half the materials the forge and oven uses to make the extension. it's just odd to see a chimney with smoke sticking out of your second floor.
  11. Now with a Wagoner and first merchant on site. We are growing slowly and opening up new land soon.
  12. The Village of Crest hill (around S21) is accepting players (New or Established) to join us. Premium is not required. We have a discord channel at come ask questions or hang out. Those who decide to become an entrepreneur and create a shop and build up our marketplace get a vote on how the village grows and funds are spent. We work on an honor system that member pays a 10% tax on any profits they make to the upkeep, (unless there are 180 days of upkeep in the funds) then tax is frozen. Members are not required to work on the village or any projects but may do so for skill. Roles already Filled are Forester, Furniture Maker/ carpenter, Black smith, Leather Worker, Miner. Potter Role Needed Taylor, Cheese Maker, Any other We are an adult group that realizes that real life happens, and we do not require players to play every day. We like to enjoy and have fun in our time on Wurm.
  13. Greetings Joanavon, Hill Crest might be the place for you. We are a newer village. We (My wife and I ) Do realize life happens and don't expect people to be on every day. We are looking for players to join us as we build the village. We are not connected to the highway yet, but you can find us by leaving Encore and finding the route to Mt. Doom. when your 108km from Mt. Doom you will come to a way stone that points up a small ridge to the right and says under construction. It leads to Hill Crest. Let me know the name of your character as I could not add Joanavon to the recruitment list. Thanks, Rozzoleen