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  1. O/ heya baeowulf id like the following items please cod to Ragereaver. Chisel blade (70) leather knife blade (70) needle (70) Awl blade (70) Scissors blade (70)
  2. i'd like this one please cod to DethKnight
  3. my appologies i just saw this ill get started on it straightaway and tell you in game when ive got it mate
  4. its a shame its on saturday, sadly i wont be able to make it as ill be at work. but have fun slayers!
  5. color me there, you guys are killing it!
  6. o/ ill take this cod to ragereaver please
  7. o/, id like to suggest that we add jousting, it would make public events more fun and interactive, plus players could host jousting tournaments like medieval kingdoms.
  8. Hey there I'll take that butchering knife cod to ragereaver please
  9. thanks for making it public as well as later. i work saturdays too and miss alot of slayings because of it. 😕