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  1. [14:08:36] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Borstaskor in less than ten minutes.
  2. Thank you to all who showed interest. Congratulations to Borstaskor!!!!
  3. Just as the title says. Good luck bidding and thank you. Sniper protection has been added. I was offered 50s privately when I PC'd it so will start there. Starting bid: 50s Increments: 1s Reserve: No Private Bids: No Sniper Protection: 30mins
  4. Sweet thank you. Merry Christmas and happy holidays.
  5. Walnut Acres Ranch 2701, 1552 deed. (I20)
  6. Excellent service, speedy, more than fair prices, weapons, armor, tools...…*2 thumbs up* will be a loyal customer.
  7. https://status.wurmonline.com/ It's kinda like watching paint dry.