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  1. Are we still getting new updates? It's been awhile.
  2. Is this still up for discussion? As much as I loved this game and would love to continue playing it, the biggest issue is it's endgame. Eventually once you have everything, there is nothing to do. For that reason, I can't play Wurm Online or Wurm Unlimited because of it's lack of purpose. The most fun I had in the game was playing entirely by myself, which kind of goes against how the game is supposed to be played. Yet after the repetition and reward, you being to feel like everything you do is meaningless. The fun quickly fades. PvP is a hot topic for endgame, because it allows you to challenge others through all your efforts. Unfortunately the combat in Wurm is so ancient that not even hardcore PvP players would bother with it. Aside from that you have PvE. In order to make that fun you need a never ending goal. Unfortunately, there is no goal you can set in Wurm where eventually that you can't reach or care about after reaching it. I mean all you need to do is join an already built settlement and you're done basically. It's no wonder that most of the players are veterans that haven't quit ever since. I mean they built up Wurm and had a blast doing it from the very beginning. However what about a newcomer? They have their goals finished before they even started by joining these vets. If they decided to do everything on their own, they're better off playing Wurm Unlimited. Otherwise they'll end up paying to barely keep up with everyone else and will always get taken advantage of for every single trade. Most games offer quests that never end to keep players entertained in a never ending cycle. I'm not a fan of that, but it's something. Another thing is trying to obtain power. There is no power in this game. You can't own or fight for territories and the economy in the game is non-existent or even workable. I recently returned to this game and I'm much older now than before. Something that I'm interesting in nowadays is economics. When I came back, I found out that there is no main cities with local auction houses. Most trade is done through the mail, where it just magically appears in people's boxes. You also have to speak to people in order to trade. It's just so disorganized. And what exactly drains resources out of the game to stop resources from inflating? I highly suggest you focus on the economy aspect of the game if anything and hopefully combat. We need better ways to trade without the need of communication. I recommend looking at games like Albion Online, a similar game with heavy grind but actually has everything else I'm talking about to encourage players to keep playing. Hope some of this helps. Also the ability to sleep on a private server on wurm unlimited to speed up the process of growth for plants and such is another thing to look at. If all that is too much, I think the game has ran it's course. It's old, graphics are highly outdated, and java isn't ideal for gaming. Maybe Wurm Online 2.0?
  3. I'm not asking for the game to be made for solo play. The game simply does not have private server hosts in mind for even co-op play for a small group of players, typically what private servers are meant for. Private servers usually don't go beyond 100+ player count and could be why WU is dying, fast. They don't have to go all out and remake the game, but at the very least, I want more tweaks and a small map so the game could be used for more than just a massive playerbase which the game doesn't even have. The game was advertised as a open-source software? Oh really? Because it appears that's not what was advertised on Steam. It was actually advertised as a RPG game. WU states that the game allows us to dictate skillgain rates, action speeds, creature counts, and much more! Well no not really much more and you're here also telling me that they shouldn't even bother giving me more customization for my server. In fact, no where does it even state that the game was designed for modding purposes. Probably has something to do with the fact that mods aren't even officially supported because full focus of the development team appears to be on WO. If they wanted to be clear, they should of made it clear on the steam page that WU is simply a open-source software that will get no focus beyond getting leftovers. Where are we getting in gaming where it's now MY JOB to mod a game to function for private server use? This is why I bought the game, so they can allow me to change the game to my liking as they actually advertised. Again, WU has NO regard with private servers in mind. I'm not going to risk my time and effort on unofficial mod support to do something the developers were paid to do. Updates are nice and slow, so when an annoying issue is present, we have to wait months for a hotfix. I'm alright with the wait though honestly and I'm glad I'm obtaining more content, but again, the content is not with WU in mind, ever. Also do you know what standalone means? I don't believe WU is a standalone game as the developers have advertised. It's a copied and pasted version of WO with maybe a very few customization implemented. Anyway, hopefully I'm wrong about everything and the developers are actually cooking up something for WU players to bring us all back into the game. So this is why I suggested what I did, for things for them to notice with what effects players and hosts like me. However if nothing changes and if they really expect us to use mods and waste modder's time to allow us to make game tweaks, that's ridiculous at best and not something I'd expect from this company.
  4. I'm not sure how long a tick is, might be every 3 days judging by what others have said on forums. The 10 in 1:10 does not mean that in 10 seconds it will spread. It's actually like 1/10 chance when the tree grows, it will spread. Therefore the higher the number is, the less likely it will spread.
  5. All the things I've mentioned cannot be tweaked, which is why I'm mentioned them. Hence, "More mechanic tweaks", so we can actually change the game to our liking. I'll update my post to make it more easy to understand. The original post was in the suggestion area and was moved. Anyway, If you actually ran the server, I would assume you would know that these tweaks aren't already present or you simply didn't tweak anything from vanilla setup. I don't feel like stressing my computer and wasting my power to run a server so the game can elapse when I'm not around. It's bad enough that I have to run an entire MMO world instead of a world intended for private server use. Seriously, all I see is no regard to Wurm Unlimited players. We're behind on updates, have no exclusives, get nothing but leftovers from Wurm Online and sometimes not all features, there are no balance or adjustments for private server use, and Wurm Unlimited is already dying based on the steam charts because of the lack of care. I played my fair share of Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited, I'm well aware of what I'm playing. Everything is now sped up in the game, so finding other things to do as I wait hours and actual days for a server that I don't want to run for literal days, is unacceptable. To each their own, but I did pay for this game and as a customer, I feel like Wurm Unlimited has simply been an advertisement to Wurm Online and a money grab. Mods are always welcomed, but the game isn't even officially supported by them nor should the modders be used to provide my exclusive content when I paid the developers for that.
  6. 1/20 chance that when the tree grows or goes through a tick, it will spread. Increase it higher and the chances of a tree spreading will be reduced.
  7. As customers I'm disgusted that we're being treated like this. This is unacceptable.
  8. Yeah at this point I'm just frustrated with the game. Now I have to also wait hours for coal to be made. This game is designed with absolutely no regards to players who host private servers in mind. For private servers, you should expect small groups to even solo play, not just a massive player base playing. You guys are asking an awful lot of money for a game that is old, and has nothing exclusively balanced or designed for private servers at all. More and more I'm feeling like a used customer than I am an actual customer. It's always Wurm Online first while Wurm Unlimited is neglected. I shouldn't be expected to run my server 24/7, nor should I be forced to move to Wurm Online, another private server, or pay for a server.
  9. -1 I would like the use of the table, but the way you suggested it is sorta of unusual. Feasts shouldn't be common, I'd prefer if people would just use the table to get a boast when eating.
  10. -1 Just can't see how this will improve the game. It will ruin the way the game looks, I mean how many people even nowadays have houses made out of metal? Also we don't even have glass for our windows so we can make metal houses before glass?
  11. Yes I'm well aware that there is already properties for wood. I'm not asking for help, the suggestion was "more wood properties". The issue is that some woods have properties, while others have no properties. By separating woods by type, players would have more variety on what should be used for a tool or an object.
  12. Simple suggestion. We should differentiate hardwood and softwood. [ Hardwood ] Last longer in fires and take less damage when items and objects of this type are in use. Birch Apple Cherry Lemon Olive Orange Chestnut Walnut Maple Willow [ Reduced Decay ] Oak [ Softwood ] Take more damage when objects and items of this type are in use. Pine Linden [ Reduced Decay ] Fir Cedar Also all wood types have equal reduced decay when indoors.
  13. Am I the only one who doesn't like the idea of dying woods? Feels so out of place. I rather pick wood color based on the type of wood I used. Also since we're getting so many wood types, would be nice if they started getting some more properties so there would be a reason to prefer other wood types.
  14. The stone house wall right now looks like it's made of a bunch of rock shards rather than stone brick. Would be nice if the current stone wall required rock shards and we got another wall called stone brick wall that would look like a marble wall but in a natural rock color and used stone brick.
  15. +1 Yeah the perfect straight lines for paving needs to be hidden through a blend, to make it appear more natural. Same for corner pavings which are even more noticeable.
  16. Well there are three things to say about this. Why are players being forced to run massive worlds? This is supposed to be a stand-alone game but in reality it's just a clone of Wurm Online. If we had an option of having a smaller worlds, we wouldn't have to worry about stressing the server. Now we should still be able to run massive worlds if we want, but a smaller world should be at the very least option, with tons of resources and ores for players who are going to play by alone or with friends. I also suggested that player created plants, trees, and so on, could potentially have their own tile poller which could be sped up unlike naturally grown and spread trees and plants. Another option is possibly have this tweak only effect plants and trees that are inside of people's settlements. At very least the planters should be considered, rather than requiring us to rely on the modding community.
  17. I like the idea of a cellar, but this idea really confused me. A cellar is used more for storage than anything else. Therefore it might just be easier to make a door for the cellar and have it act like a huge storage unit depending on the tile size of the house. Also make it so there is only one cellar per house so it can't be abused. The idea of being forced to make a foundation, doing checks, and so on, just adds a whole lot for something that'll will only have a single purpose; storage. If what you're saying is possible programming-wise, than I'm all for it.
  18. Tree Growth Timer, hour - Number of hours before tree growth checks. Plant Growth Time, hour - Number of hours before plant growth checks such as bushes, herbs in planters, naturally spawned reeds, ect. Some people don't run the server 24/7. So it would be nice if things went a bit faster. If this could cause massive performance issues, maybe only have these effect player planted trees and plants, rather than naturally grown or spread ones. This is one big step for the quality of life for WU players.
  19. [ Functionality ] This was suggested before but here is my take on how to implement this suggestion that can potentially make it workable. It's rather simple actually. So basically what you do is get a decorative item that gets placed on walls, active it, then right click a wall and click attach. When it gets attached, it will spawn at the center of the wall. Afterwards you can move the wall item left, right, up or down. You will not be able to push the item beyond past the wall it's attached to. There could be a limit of how many items can be attached to a wall to prevent people from using this as a means of storage. (This same system can potentially be used to decorate tables with dishes, forks, ect.) [ Wall Storage ] Shelves Tool rack Weapon rack [ Decorative Items ] Trophies - Fish, deer, and other animals. Banners Drapes Paintings Sconces
  20. Simple suggestion that would improve the game overall in unnecessary tedious actions. Right now when you dig or mine, rocks, ores, dirt, and so on, they all go either on the ground or in your pocket. I understand that digging dirt will be similar to mining rocks soon, which is great. However there is still a big issue about this. Why do I have to dig and have it go on the ground or in my pocket? It's completely unnecessary and makes me do more actions when I wanted these resources in a cart from the beginning. So the suggestion is simple, when you're dragging a cart, the dirt, rock, ore, and so on, that you're digging, will go directly in the cart. No more dragging and dropping from your inventory or pile. If you don't want the resources going into the cart, don't drag the cart while you're performing these actions.
  21. We should be able to make a foundation which would allow us to build structures on sloped surfaces. An idea of how to make this work is allow us to use a trowel on the highest flat surface of where you want to build your house and click on plan foundation. From there, when attaching foundation plans next to the flat surface, it will keep it at the same level even if it's lower. There should of course be a limit of how low you can make the foundation, lets say 8 dirts down maximum. When you're finished planning, you will begin creating your foundation. It could be out of rock, blocks, whatever. When the foundation is built, the model of the foundation would be the size of 9 dirts down so it would seep through the tile it's on making it appear natural. Afterwards, you would be able to build a house on top of the foundation you finished. This would revolutionize and modernize the game into epic proportions if this idea is possible. This is just an idea of how to make it work with the system you're currently using.