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  1. Can they have the parasites in them too? I like to feel them squirming inside my belly. Great for weight loss too.
  2. Well to be fair his series is about finding the worst MMO ever so just hope the series doesn't end here
  3. Wow that's inspiring. What am I doing wasting my life on this lame game? Later ya'll
  4. +1 and cap all characteristics at 50. Enough of the ######, let's help new players actually enjoy Chaos.
  5. Let mountain lions scream between the hours of 2200-0500 every Wurm day. It'd be cool to scare the newbies hunting at night.
  6. I don't get it? Are you trying to be buddy buddy with everyone? All these weird posts do seem that you want to be the center of attention... I agree with the other Ex-Crusader. I'll end the post with this... You can be the ripest, juiciest, most delicious tomato on the vine but some people just don't like tomatoes.
  7. Hey uh... You missed The Shroud on the Chaos server. Tired of all this BL template hate.
  8. Yeah, we're basically like the OSRS community. Pkers vs PVMers who hate each other with a passion while voicing displeasure for changes that would help the enemy side.
  9. That is correct, it takes too much time out of the dev's schedules to entertain all those tiresome suggestions. I'd much rather they work on VR anyway.
  10. Good that you're taking accountability for your actions. I still haven't forgive you for returning my gift without reason why, just letting you know. Like am I nobody to you? Am I not worth a couple words on a keyboard?
  11. I completely agree with Sir Kabill. Also add a check on rock mine doors to make sure it was made using local rock. If foreign rock is used, (different compositions) have a slightly different coloring.
  12. A regular coffee pot would suffice. You'd feed the beans to a wild cat, wait an hour to find the beans on the ground. Just use water on them to wash then make it in a regular coffee pot with water.
  13. After drinking some bad coffee today I was inspired! We should have another coffee that is made from feeding coffee cherries/beans to animals then washing the 'processed' product and using them to make special coffee.
  14. -1 fog trolls +1 reasonable fog mob
  15. On freedom right now.... You're right, GL chat is a weird place.