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  1. +1 A system like this is actually what I was hoping the exploration update was going to involve, too. Anything along these lines to give players a more interesting/meaningful thing to do than wander aimlessly around known and suspected spawn locations on a timer and fight endlessly on the forums would be a huge improvement. Not to mention this would greatly democratize the process and allow anyone to get involved. Literally all they would have to do is find friends to hunt with and contribute map pieces that they found.
  2. So, at the risk of devolving things even further into the realm of drama and accusations, I think Trickster's probably the sanest person in the thread right now. A lot of players have either quit or drastically reduced their time on NFI, and some of them on Wurm as a whole, thanks to the endless drama surrounding unique slaying. Uniques have also been used as a cudgel to try and get players to "fall in line", sometimes gently as in the above log example provided by Sinnjinn, other times crassly such as the time he announced to hundreds of assembled toons that the public slay would not proceed unless I left the area. Honestly, I don't see why the whole thing isn't just scrapped for a system with less drama and less likelihood to drive off players. Before anyone calls foul; yes, the drama surrounding my once upon a time deeds drove off a player, too. I'm certainly not an innocent victim in the meta game of who can be a bigger greedy ######. But the sane person's point still stands: There is way too much drama and hard feelings and cliquishness and bullying that surrounds this mechanic in the NFI cluster, and it breeds a kind of toxicity that is terrible for PvE games. For the one staff member actively engaged on the thread, I am curious to know whether there is any discussion on staff side about how to make these recurring issues less poisonous for all involved?
  3. It's at least 2 of a kind on NFI. But good luck to all
  4. Oops. Yep, IGN is Aleck. Got the fragment, thanks!