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  1. There is a "straight ally flag" but anyone who looks at pride flags and has the reaction of "But what about my pride in my non-marginalized existence?" is very deeply and seriously missing the point of pride flags.
  2. +1 Adding old skins to treasure chests would be a great way to bring them back into the world while keeping them rare. Please do this. "The Market" is a terrible reason to restrict gameplay, and this game already does far too much of that.
  3. What? You're going to confirm that colour runes work but not show it off to us? I want to see the colored teddy!
  4. Oh. That's too bad, I misunderstood and thought the 'leather' item type was being added to pelts... I was looking forward to putting a damage reduction rune on mine to match my whetstone.
  5. I don't think the archaeology update that fixes this is live yet, but I believe this was specifically called out as one of the rune usages that should be fixed when it does.
  6. Guard Towers: Yaros 682 - 2015, 2144 Wolfbane 242 - 1409, 637 Deeds: Aborjin - 785, 1465 Koyaanisqatsi - 838, 1504
  7. That's quite unfair to people who were expecting the auction to run per normal rules and may have planned to bid again before the window was supposed to close. But oh well, congrats to Vates I guess.
  8. What is "Auction fatigue"? Ordinarily auctions go quiet in the final day or so until the sniper window is near, then see activity again.
  9. +1000000000000000000 to this. A new use for animal husbandry. A new use for dogs. A solution for the whole "Why does every animal want to stand in the corner and die of disease and starvation together when there's grass three tiles away" problem.