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  1. Rare Compass

    Nice compass! Just out of curiosity, what is its align time?
  2. Yeah, that's a fair point. It's hard not to meet petty with petty. I did enjoy the event and the slay, however, and was very glad to see mining blood finally get refreshed on NFI. I do hope for a less dramatic resolution than a simple continuation of things as is. I'll bow back out of this thread and leave things well enough alone again. Hopefully with time it can blow over.
  3. It's very, very easy to get to this dragon slay. But just in case anyone has confusion, you can sail or follow the highway to Arwic on the community map (not to beconfused with Arwick) and head straight north from the deed token by the shore, up this road: The first waystone outside of Arwic looks like this: You want to follow the road south towards Unicorn Rock until you reach this point: Go left (east) towards Unknown until you find this sign "Red Dragon Party": Follow the signs along the path to the left (north) until you come to this more awesome sign: As the sign says... Welcome to Pantha's Red Dragon Party!
  4. You da man, MrKettle! Also, everything she said. This looks like it was a challenging thing to write and post.
  5. Lol fair enough. Congrats on the shiny brush
  6. Lol jeez Pizza Man! Good luck to everyone in this auction. I like sniping supremes, but I don't really understand the appeal of this one. Is it just the lower chance of losing enchant?
  7. It was a lot of fun getting lost and running in circles to help with this haha. Thanks for sharing with the community.
  8. Thanks so much for the event! Mining blood was sorely needed across the cluster. It's a shame people were rude. I hope we can figure out a better format to keep things a little less dramatic going forward.
  9. SOLD

    COD one of the rare hatchets to Aleck, please.
  10. Awesome, COD to Aleck please.