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  1. Recruitment Thread Kenn-Jellon Chaos Kenn-Jellon is in search of old or new players looking to join the PvP aspect of Wurm and expand our group. We have a comedy-filled community that plays for fun and enjoys taking the seriousness out of PvP by doing crazy things that will get your blood pumpin'. We have crafters of every type that can replace gear in a heart beat. Lastly, it's important to note we're a 60 second sail from freedom for whatever you may need! To learn more about Kenn-Jellon, contact User, Necroe, IkaDemandred on the forums or Viremental, Necroedarkslayer, Kurtsi, Beastwolf, Polojordan, Cambriaa in-game. Discord Applications: Below are some of KJ's funny pvp videos For more videos