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  1. And the third one. There must be something wrong with this mountain
  2. Actually, I found another one today. It looks like these single tiles of dirt aren't as rare as I thought
  3. Do you want to experience a miracle of seeing a single tile of dirt with your own eyes? Buy your tickets now. Adults: 1s Children: 50c
  4. Yeah, it looks like people don't even bother to read the thread before posting. Anyway, I thought this part of forums (suggestions) are meant to be read by developers (they should know exactly what I'm talking about), not by players. My bad. Edited my OP to prevent further misunderstandings. Hopefully. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. Fun fact: Paradox added the option after players were complaining.
  6. Maybe I'm wrong, but I believe it's a game related setting. For example Crusader Kings II has such option in main menu.
  7. Again, not a proper solution (sharing library to GOG Galaxy etc.). And as I said already, I do want my Steam friends to see that I'm playing Wurm (advertisement).
  8. That's not a proper "solution". I don't want to be invisible when playing Wurm. In fact I do want my Steam friends to see that I'm playing Wurm. I just want to hide all the unnecessary details. The majority of other games on Steam provide an option to turn this feature off. I don't see any reason, why Wurm should be any different. I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure it should be fairly simple to implement.
  9. I don't think it's a good idea to force this "feature" on everyone using Steam client, since it may be considered an invasion of privacy, especially if you play on a PvP server. Thanks. Edit (to prevent people posting random suggestions over and over again): 1. Just go invisible / offline on Steam There's hundreds of people on my Steam friend list and I want to use every opportunity to advertise the game to them. Not to mention the ability to chat with my friends while playing the game. So no, I don't want to go invisible (or offline). All I want is to prevent potential stalkers to see the name of my character and my server. That's all. 2. It's a Steam thing, not a Wurm thing Sure, it is a Steam feature, duh. Yet, for some reason Steam client doesn't provide an option to toggle this functionality on and off. As far as I know it must be done by the game itself (see Crusader Kings II settings menu, or many other games). 3. Limit visibility of your Steam library Not a solution. Also, my library is publicly visible for a reason (GOG Galaxy sharing, etc.)
  10. Here's probably a better screenshot: The stone wall is flat, yet the rock beneath is not. On the left side it starts at the bottom of the wall, on the right side it ends up in the middle of the wall.
  11. Hello, I think I found a visual bug. It's not a big deal, nothing gamebreaking, just wanted to let you guys know. All 3 tiles have perfectly flat tile borders on top - see the stone walls. 1st tile - on the left side - everything ok: 2nd tile - on the right side - everything ok: 3rd tile - in the middle - weird, top borders should be flat, but don't look like flat at all:
  12. Thanks for the info and the workaround.
  13. Hello, I've noticed that there's a never ending stream of "Can't remove effect from <number> because it doesn't exist." messages in my in-game console (F1). It's like 20 messages per seconds, all the time. Not sure if it's normal or not, just wanted to let you guys know, just in case.