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  1. Looking for more to join me here in Xandu in taming our own piece of land. RP preffered. Whats the plan? To live and survive. I am no pro but I am going to start building a farm somewhere suitable. would enjoy others with me!
  2. *Salute* And thats not something i do very often.
  3. Have safe town plenty of room and nice people around, BTW ITS CELLSTEEL
  4. Made this because there was not one, simple forum for people to talk about RP in Wurm, such an immersive game should have more mechanics towards it and people
  5. I agree whole heartidly, we need more RP aspects in such an immserive game
  6. In the North West coast lies a qualm island, this area is known as Yongbyul Bay, there is a small village established here. We are looking for more people to help us tame this land! New players or old come live deed free. We have big plans. message me here ,for more information. The Land of Celebration is frought with monsters and animals and resources,not to mention we have flat land. Welcoming players from other servers, possible transport service available.Have safe town plenty of room nice people. Come and make Wurm with us.>Village leader is Kichi.Can contact me via here, or ingame as Cellsteel. Join us if you seek to make this land ours, or if you are new and homeless, or experienced and willing to brave the wilds we hope to build something truly great here mabye even a Kingdom, if we live that long!