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  1. Yesterday I fought a fog spider and it teleported to another place during the fight. After that I noticed that its health bar in the combat window did no longer update (show reduced health) after it was taking further damage from my attacks. The health indicator above the fog spider itself worked properly, though.
  2. Yesterday I was trying to make meat fillets with the butchering knife, but none would be created do to lack of space in my inventory. Nevertheless, the creation timer was running and my butchering knife took damage. Is that working as intended?
  3. A keybind for max. queueable actions please, or allow keyboard macros to do just that. Having to hit the single action key several times in short succession to queue actions outside the crafting window just feels stupid.
  4. Seems to be fixed with the latest launcher update.
  5. When using the arrow or PgUp/PgDown keys to scroll in the the Wurm Launcher (Debian Linux), the content turns into a garbled mess, see below. When I use the side scroll bar, it works fine. It seems, I'm not allowed to insert an image.
  6. Just checked earlier today on Steam and the 1 month + 1 silver and the 2 month + 5 silver bundles are sill more expensive than buying the items separately. Though that this had been fixed finally. What gives?
  7. The argument for 'depth' is completely misleading when all it means is adding more useless mechanics to fiddle with, rather than engaging in actual game play. As JSH aptly put it in his 'worst MMO ever' review, what's the point of having to switch tools, when there are no consequences to not doing so, like badly ruining a saw when using it on a metal object. Also the unnecessary fiddling with liquid amount by having to use several of them other putting other stuff into them to get to the correct amount isn't 'depth' but just a pain, esp. when the game already has a measuring jug but you deliberately can't set it to the amount needed. These are all 'bollocks' mechanics and Wurm has a boat load of them, that all need to go.
  8. I'm an idiot, sigh. Picked up the wrong one, as this is only the pitchfork FORK. Pls. disregard or delete topic.
  9. Sorry, but I still don't get the farm option with a pitchfork, but only with the fork:
  10. Contrary to what the Wurm wiki says, tedding cut crass with a pitchfork seems not possible, but only with a rake. Scenario: Cut grass with a scythe. Activate pichfork and right-click the respective tile. No option for tedding (farming) the cut grass is available, but only for harvesting.
  11. How about a straw hat for farming the fields during daytime in summer? Some straw and a bit of wiring should do the trick. Maybe tied to thatching skill?
  12. Why is this Wurm launcher trash claiming that the server is up and subsequently failing toconnect, while the WUrm server page shows that the server is actually down? Has that launcher been programmed by amateurs who don't know what they're doing? Seems to me.
  13. Err..., beg your pardon, in which way or form is this game hard, at least on PvE? I've been playing now for about 10 months on my main, died once in suicide when due to my own folly I dropped down a mine shaft without a pickaxe on me. Raised the char to now 70.2 fs without dying to any mob with my own crafted crappy armor and weapons. All it takes is an inordinate time consuming amount of tediously clicking 'continue' et al, or leafing through countless pages of wiki information for the more obscure in-game mechanics.