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  1. Comfort for those in pain from this. Wurm is the only game where I've ever felt connected with the community as friends instead of just a playerbase. So many memories of so many people are built on this game.
  2. I sold my mask for winning one of the challenge servers for 5g. Accounts have been bought for thousands of euros, tomes for hundreds, etc.
  3. tfw you put a poll expecting everyone to support you and instead everyone just tells you to stop complaining about not being able to abuse a ###### mechanic
  4. Hello everyone! With steam release being well underway and seeing declining numbers, just wanting to know if there is a plan in action / being discussed to help promote the game / bring in more players. Thanks!
  5. The only thing really worth including video wise is older PvP videos. Just look some up on youtube: "Wurm online PvP" peat mine, the deed, etc.
  6. or... hear me out... just shut down epic already. everyone knows its coming so just do it
  7. Tbh epic needs shut down, its sad but it's the truth. Chaos needs shut down as well, and NFI and SFI need merged together.
  8. See but steam allows RMT. They do it with tons of games (think csgo item trading). All that would have to happen is have wurm integrate a steam marketplace where people can buy / sell accounts.
  9. thats why i don't use the steam version
  10. I've got more money than time & want to pvp, plz lmao
  11. Care to share what the ruleset is? I'm a long time chaos/epic player, and haven't touched defiance, so am unaware.
  12. (Posting in 2 places just incase the epic forums are fully dead) Yo, bit of a sap/nostalgia post here, but just wanted to stop by the wurm forums after a couple years of not playing and say thank you to everyone who made this the greatest game I've ever played. I started out at the release of epic as a wee lad "fewtheproud" wanting to pretend I was in the military because my older cousin had been in the military and recently had passed, and he was always my role model as a kid. Obviously no one believed me even though i held strong with the claims lmao. Despite that, moving forward I met a lot of great people who are still some of my gaming friends today. Examples: Archerman(brandon), watkins, stevo, Chris, Yesirn, Danny, shankiest, chev, anyone, dingov & ninja, egard, oreo, zeke, proph and co, mclovin and co, etc. I highly doubt this game will ever reach what it used to be in terms of pvp playerbase etc, but without a doubt it has left me with some of the greatest memories of my life, crazy to think a game can do that. Going from being 13 at the time of epic release to 23 now, I grew up alongside epic/wurm and miss the "glory days" of epic dearly, and will miss all of the people I used to play with dearly as well. Anyway, thats about the end of my nostalgia/cringe fest, just wanted to drop by. To all of you who made this game such a great experience for me, if you are still around and happen to see this, thank you.
  13. My suggestion is less on the specifics of which server does what, just that there should only be 1 server period. epic needs shutdown entirely, theres no debate around that
  14. As shown with the release of defiance originally, there are definitely a large number of players, both new and old, that are interested in the pvp side of wurm. With that being said, having multiple different server spreads the initial population to thin, and being that they all struggle to keep consistent player bases, I see no reason for more than 1 to exist in the first place. Epic is dead completely, plain and simple. Chaos/Defiance both see mixed levels of activity, with chaos players not wanting to come to defiance because they have established accounts already, and defiance players not wanting to go to chaos because of the massive difference in a new account vs an established one already. Therefore, remove chaos and make it a pve server for people who want to visit it for nostalgia etc, and allow freedom players a one time skill transfer to defiance to support the growth of ONE pvp server.