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  1. i didn't take your horses, any horse i have i found wandering or bred myself, perhaps you should show some situational awareness when trying to hoard your crap off-deed. Lots of people pass through this area. My deed has been here much longer than the "public" arboretum, no one contacted me about building the arboretum next to my deed? How come you were banned btw? Couldn't imagine it was because of your mouth LOL Cheers for that. It's a shame these old players get a free pass to run their mouths as they please with no repercussions.
  2. I have had Jamel come to my deed the past two days in a row and shout profanities over my fence. He is mad that Gothrek is banned and thinks somehow i am the culprit. I am trying to play this game with my friend who i care for who has extreme autism, he is constantly worried about jamel coming and behaving the way he does. I have been exploring the area since it has changed to much this year and i get constant PM's from Jamel to STAY AWAY from his deed. I have recordings and screenshots of all of this. This is supposed to be a game of peace and fun.