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  1. Sorry everyone, I am in a forein country with very very bad internet conection. Hope it will be better soon. If you want to buy somewhere else it is OK. Hope I can be back soon (I really want to be back) Kupferlisa
  2. I would like to mine the veins out need to get mining skill 80
  3. hi, new highway from 1355, 3650 turn 1365, 3650 turn 1417, 3598 end 1678, 3598 S19 island is called "goldfish island"
  4. hi, what price can you give me for 100x rift stone @ 35q? PM me ingame please
  5. Silberlocke is interested in be part of
  6. no, I was not involved! I am really sad!!
  7. hi, I am still waiting untill it is possilbe to do it. If you want to join, you are welcome
  8. Hi, I am looking to join the globel cast of Holy Crop. Need it for my journal. Please contact me in-game, Silberlocke or my friend Kupferlisa (she know how to find me)
  9. Hi, would like a butchering knife with CoC 80+ clay CoC 80+ COD to Kupferlisa please.
  10. Hiya Folks, Welcome to my Pottery and more Shop that is on Deed Delucia in South Harmony (Coords S18). Hi, I am in a forein country with very very bad internet conection. I hope I can be back very soon. Pottery high ql on request Farming Products on request Favor on request Natural substances on request Make your order only in game, PM to Kupferlisa, Robboeny or Alphabravo! We are mostly avaliable from CET 7pm - 10pm, on Sundays a bit earlier UTC 6pm - 9pm, on Sundays a bit earlier
  11. I waited a few min, it works now
  12. similar problem, can not login in game, after restart computer and steam, still same problem Steam authentication
  13. I dont know. I try it again with fresh prepared ingredients It looks like this is it
  14. Hi, I made last sunday breakfast, as I did weeks ago. Same recipie, 38 ingredients, all diffenent, about 8.9kg Breakfast weeks ago give me 6-8h affinity time. Breakfast from last sunday give me 1h 15min affinity time. I tryed 12 differnet recipie, all 12 have a really short affinity time. I ask Motec, he cooked the same breakfast and had the same resould. My ingrediens list for cooking: Oven Pottery Bowl Buffalo Cheese Chestnut chopped Basil chopped Belladonna chopped Fennel chopped Lovage chopped Mint chopped Oleander chopped Onion chopped Oregano chopped Parsley chopped Pea Pod chopped Potato chopped Pumpkin chopped Rosemary chopped Sage chopped Thyme chopped Tomato Feta Cheese Ground Cumin Ground Fennel Seed Ground Ginger Ground Paprika Ground Turmeric Hazelnuts mashed Carrot mashed Corn mashed Cucumber mashed Garlic mashed Lettuce minced Fowl minced Horse Perch Pinenut Roach Salt Sardine Walnut Did you change anything in creating breakfast ? Please, change it back. I want to cook Breakfast affinity food with 6-8h again Greetings (HAR) Kupferlisa