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  1. Right now I'm using Eclipse. Going to fiddle around with it some more tonight to see if I can get it figured out
  2. I'm a little inept when it comes to java. Furthest I've gotten was decompiling the class files, changing up the class files for drakes to make them tameable, passive and grazers but I have zero idea on how to go about compiling it back to .class file. It's autosaving as .java
  3. Any chance there is another download link? Would love to have this mod!
  4. [23:15:51] ZoneId=647 Surface=97, rock=220 cave=-100 ceiling=0. Cave is Cave wall I shutdown my server in order to modify a mod (spell mod) I had installed. All I did was change a false to a true in the properties file. Updated the server with the changes and rebooted. Upon re-log several people reported mine entrances turned into craters that ranged from 800-1200 dirt deep. I backed up the server before shutting down so I figured no big deal ill just restore a backup. Same problem. All the surrounding tiles a reporting that the rock is higher than the current surface depth. I have tried manually closing the mines, re-terraforming them and then opening them back up but that just causes more problems. Suggestions? Edit : Update : Evidently somewhere along the way files became corrupted. I had to revert to a backup from 24 hours ago and all seems back to normal [23:38:42] ZoneId=393 Surface=257, rock=236 cave=-100 ceiling=0. Cave is Cave wall Has anyone encountered this issue and found a viable fix? I'd hate to go that far back due to progress loss from players, but if that is the only solution then I'm afraid I have no choice.
  5. Well Hello!

    To think your still bitter over something that happened more than 7 months ago doesn't surprise me. But anywho, trees grow back. I might be headed to Amish Paradise and see how things have changed if any at the market, I'll pop by and say hello ( and no, I don't mean griefing )
  6. Well Hello!

    Well thank you I had to lick many a coin bak in the day because they looked so yummy! I have found my old village is still up and running and have rejoined them, thank you to all who offered. <3
  7. Well Hello!

    Greeting citizens of Celebration, it has been awhile. I'm looking to rejoin the community after a long vacation and am looking for someone or a group to shack up with until I get my feet back on the ground. <3 Edit : I apologize in advance if this is not the correct area to post this.
  8. I live right next to him and would like this as well, so same travel distance but 2 payments
  9. Please Close

    If you decide to sell it I'd be interested in it
  10. I'll take the mortar, I'm at Trinity. Don't remember the coords but it's all the way south on the coast of The Great Plains. I should be online about 5pm CST