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  1. Thank you my friends i am currently booked up for big builds till end of march now. if in need of supports i do them yet tho too they let me keep my sanity at times for a break lmao
  2. Awesome ill get some stock built for u my friend
  3. Hey Gnomegates ty i enjoyed the work my man
  4. Hi there i make and sell support beams in bulk. If your a big miner i am the guy for you. 6.5s/100..10s/150..18s/300..28/500..50s/1k I also do all the new braziers with gold bowls 3s/ea...collossus any time just need conversion to religion 20s/ea...any of the epic builds pricing ,depends on build...these also have bulk pricing Thank you and hope for your future business. PS: Feel free to contact in game for a deal
  5. ill put in 25s on lot1 i can pick up pls pm in game tyvm
  6. lol k at least now theyr paying bout right price good luck every1
  7. ill bid 8s for them tyvm
  8. TYVM for such fast work on such a large order. I recommend yur services for sure have a happy day my friend