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    Greetings and Salutations!! I am on the hunt for a rare or better forge! If by change you have an extra one you would like to make a few quick silver from please send me a message in game @Ailos or here!!! Thank you all kindly! <FORGE FOUND> THANK YOU!!!
  2. ***RETRACTED*** My bid was after the end of the auction, dang phone service!!! Congrats Reverent!
  3. As someone who recently started playing, I joined before this patch and this patch dropped as either the first or second update I experienced... Let's just say I've played quite a lot of games, this was absolutely the worse new game experience I have encountered. I don't knock the idea, but the presentation of this cart nerf ALONG with the AH changes was VERY jarring to say the least... As a new player who had just gotten his first cart, finally got some decent animals hitched to it and no longer going at a snails pace for everything I do... Just to have this patch literally remove over 10/km worth of speed overnight almost made me want to leave this game... Not to mention improving the cart has little to no really noticeable change... Its really one of the most thoughtLESS releases I've seen.. Just my 2 cents.
  4. If you have not had the opportunity yet, do not wait! Wonderful couple who are kind and very friendly! Definitely a go to for awesome skill building tools and willing to work to make your experience nothing short of amazing and make you want to return again and again!! I highly recommend for all your Blacksmithing and BotD needs!
  5. Had my Mallet IMP'd and back in 10 minutes!! Wonderful service, highly recommend!
  6. Fast and excellent service!! Appreciate the friendly and honest work, will be a repeat customer for sure! 10/10
  7. Tried to rotate walls, destroy and rebuild, change walls. Stuck with this eye twitch inducing corner on my home and is driving me nuts! PLEASE HELP?! Thank you Dev Pomona for a quick fix! Please close this topic when possible!