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  1. Cooperative Sales - Specializing in high quality blacksmithing (weapons, armor, tools) and 4Draft Bison. Visit our market (updated frequently) for rare and supreme weapons, armor and tools. Great prices on Bison, specializing in 4 Draft! We usually have at least 8 4Draft bison at any time. Come see us to stock up your wagon in one stop! Q17
  2. Cooperative Sales,3062
  3. Spoke to Ozwin today via game chat. The issue of steering, in 3rd person, while on cart or horseback, and in 1st person while on wagon still continues. Look right, will randomly veer hard left. Thanks
  4. I don't see a response to this posting.... any ideas?
  5. Large Planters are taking damage on deed (with continuous 30+ upkeep). Expected Result: Wouldn't expect them to take damage. I have six on deed and all have taken damage, one disappeared completely. I have repaired the five remaining today. Steps to reproduce: Create a large planter, watch for damage.
  6. To add to this, steering while on horseback is wacko too. I look right, my horse turns left.
  7. Furthermore, it's not just newly born animals, but old animals as well. (Checked my cows)
  8. I am seeing Sire/Dam name swap on the "inspect animal" for pigs.