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  1. just turn them all grey...there ya go fixed now no colors are represented and it is purely fantasy
  2. Enemies shouldn't mail each other unless its a bomb or a bag of poop
  3. Your saying perma/account bans was allowed back ?
  4. hmmm No...thats all I got I am content as is but thanks anyway
  5. Only thing I see happening is the same players that have been moving from place to place would move or create yet another alt in the new place and lose more players than you will gain. This all equals either zero actual "growth" in the game or a loss.
  6. It is your right OP to post what ya wish how wish long as it isn't against forum rules/policy. There will always be those that get their kicks off making others feel less than themselves, even on the net. I would say normally the "bad apples" have a lot more issues inside than others and attempt to hide it by acting like arses. Keep on being yourself and enjoy what ya can when ya can and ignore those that want to be rude, embrace those that you might call friend.
  7. I believe the next sale on steam starts on the 22nd, I'm guessing it is the Christmas sale.
  8. Do the crime.....do the time
  9. Welcome back I have always rolled with just whatever catches my fancy from day 1, and have kept on my vision of my character also including weapon and gear. I have never cared about what the fotm is or what people think is best or not yadda yadda. I also don't go burn skill just to skill, I figure it will come along as I do the things I want to do and whatever I may enjoy at that given time.
  10. I don't see this being any good at all really except another skill you level up, the combat system in general already leaves much to be desired without adding more to it.
  11. I actually just started messing around with it last night and from the cpl hours I played I have enjoyed it thus far. The game of course has alot of crafting in it and has a steep learning curve to it mostly due to the fact it is developed out of China and instructions on how to do things are rather absent at this time. But it has many elements I love about games and it is Asian myth based which I have been waiting for, for a very long time.
  12. oh I thought about it...probably to much really I understand what everyone is saying but I plan to test out some things in game, see you there.