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  1. SWG is still actually up on a server.... look it up it has everything it had up to the point the official one was shut down.
  2. Are we still on this subject.....go dig a hole or something.
  3. Nah I like it as is, punish the unfaithful !!
  4. Noclown....I don't think so.. just saying
  5. MY personal opinion is the game in itself cannot handle/sustain larger numbers overall nor can it compete in the MMO market as it is today. I have spoken with younger gamers and even shared the game with them/screen shots/game play and even explained the game to them and nope they wasn't having it, all agreed that it was just to much grind for nothing sorta deal. While it is in truth the long playing consistent players of this game (and all there alts) that keep this game going it is also much the same crowd that will be the only ones left playing.
  6. Sad News

    It is always a sad day when one passes that is close to us, I did not know Chaos but I shall pray for all those that now mourn the loss. May you all find peace and comfort in this time.
  7. Now you know I am newer/new purely NFI and Cadence
  8. They could however, if against this and it in someway disrupts the enjoyment of the game for them. Then I can only presume that they would quit playing. Disruptions could be in many forms and only the player would know the exact part of the game play it might change for them, economy, less open deed areas etc. I however have not been blind to see that there are not many new players anyway and most players that exist on the servers are the same just different accounts.
  9. Spoken like a possible PvP player lol
  10. -1 I tend to like it just fine being only NFI, had I wanted to play on SFI I would have created my account on SFI. A merger will not create any new player accounts ( maybe more alts...like many of ya need that.. ) and perhaps only stand to lose players that are against this.
  11. I personally only chat openly in Freedom, I shut down GL-Freedom...well because I didn't feel like chatting or seeing chat in GL but that's just me. I do chat in alliance and occasionally in local if someone comes along.
  12. Didn't you also recently create a deed on Cadence ? or perhaps my eyes deceived me in area history