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  1. no you did not that 5 spider, two troll, bear, wolf and Partridge in a pear tree parade I was leading. Stressed me out *smile*
  2. Kitten's Haus of Kolor Making highly rated, award-winning dyes, paints, stains, and more (paints and stains may be totally fictional) that deliver superior value at every price point so everyone can transform their space into the look they want with the colors they love. Protect and beautify your home’s exterior with Kitten’s premium quality exterior dyes. Available in a wide range of colors across a range of price points, you’ll find the right dye and color for your home With market stalls at Destined Spirits. A Multi Merchant Market Stalls and outside of Odra (just north of Sonata) Dye pricing: 25c per kg Small barrel - 9s Knarr sails - 10s Dyes are sent via cod. Custom Kolors Available -- Color List Available here -- or use this Color Picker and give me RGB (colors above 75 quality not yet available) order in game to kittenkhaous or comment here
  3. I went to the site and filled out the survey and it asked what games do you play. And I was amused that wurm was not in the list. Not that wurm is a huge user base but the preview and discord makes it out to be a clone. Kit