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  1. Starter islands are not being abused, they are being used as intended. Instead there should be more deterrence when enemy kingdoms raid starter deeds. It is really difficult to teach new players how pvp works when their first encounter is an enemy kingdom coming to sack their helpless village because they are still learning. What did you expect to happen when BL and MR got pushed off the mainland and 2/3 of their players quit or defected to JK. If you are having such a hard time raiding starter deeds and want more pvp, let the server population grow back to a healthy level. I don't have a problem with the concept of "earning" the mainland, its just that when the 2 islands you cannot control are under constant attack, it really kills the server.
  2. I would be willing to help you. PM me if interested.
  3. Restrict max characters per deed more.
  4. What incentive would there be to stay with the default kingdom then?
  5. Been there, done that. Hence why I play Online now. I would want skill and item keep to convince me to do this.
  6. I am COMPLETELY against this. If I wanted a wipe I would play a different game. This goes against one of the fundamental selling points of Wurm, that being persistent maps being decades old and having a rich history. There is just not enough time in my self's and other lives to have yearly or biyearly wipes. Perhaps a making a long term plan to merge the pvp clusters would be a better idea. Of course that is a whole other topic on its own.
  7. I like these boundaries. Its always been contested area anyway.
  8. If we support this idea, I think a rework of rideable animals on defiance should be done. For example: Hell horses/Unicorns maybe look into ways to allow them with special debuffs such as make them slower, weaker, only hitchable, ect.
  9. Tower wipe is a bad idea. With PMK's it should be an organic break away from the old kingdoms. After all that's part of the challenge for a PMK.
  10. Its more of an issue where people don't want to play with certain people and as a result they refuse to help each other and play the blame game. While BL can fight each other, its on extremely rare occasions at least in Defiance.
  11. Unless JK had some crazy amount of defenses around the lady of the lake that just went up, I don't see why they cant fight past it. BL had to fight for control over the snake house multiple times, months ago just to remove the former regime from power.
  12. I agree with this decision. I know all 3 kingdoms have been having constant infighting for quite some time now.
  13. I can tell you for experience that losing connection on pvp is not very fun. Especially in battle or in enemy territory. I like the idea and maybe automatically open the launcher if a crash is detected.
  14. Yeah this does seem a bit off. Is there a better explanation for or some more ideas how this happened?