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  1. ah ok, guess i got it backwards somehow. could have sworn it was blue. maybe cuz that was the only color he wanted me to make
  2. He liked blue, like primary color blue lol. Its pretty hard to get that with how the color of the wood changes it. he did like the purples i made on his cart and mule bardings
  3. Unfortunately this shop is now permanently closed. Minikilljoy passed away on christmas eve. There is a memorial being build on Cad, T14, "Minikilljoy Memorial Public Dock". The dedication will be 1-14-2023 @ 8pm EST
  4. Deed has been updated so that the docks are now protected. Feel free to bring your ship gifts, they will not decay
  5. @Tpikol@Famehopefully you both see this. If anyone knows how to contact Uodo I'm sure he would wish to know as well The build and celebration of life will be at 8pm EST on Saturday the 14th at Cad T14, Minikilljoy Memorial Public Dock. It is accessible by an inlet on the southern edge of the map and connected to the highway as well. A LMC will be setup for any gifts. A message board with paper, ink, and pens are available for writing him a farewell message. Please come, add a few bricks and tell some fond stories about mini
  6. I can expand the deed out to cover the docks. I was figuring if its going to be a public dock then we would need it to be free of perms. Gingeko. think u can make a spot for parking mini's special boats that I can expand the deed into? Or should i just cover the docks and fuss with perms somehow
  7. also my tiny deed, also home to him, doesnt have room for a monument so I placed this bell in his memory.
  8. Mini will always be my "lil bro". We became close friends over the years when he first started playing. Talking almost every day about anything imaginable. I'm so very heartbroken that my best friend has moved on but I'm glad he is no longer suffering. His big brother, killjoyjones, has setup a gofundme to help with funeral costs - contact me in PM for the link
  9. Steering by camera in a large cart (as of today's patch 11/15/22) makes very slow wide turns, much slower/wider than before. Can't steer within a tile when going 90 degrees or more. Steering by keyboard still works as expected but something happened to steer by camera. Thanks
  10. Congrats to Hvergi On another note, steering toward camera seems broken on the large cart. It now makes extremely wide slow turns. Turning the same cart with the keyboard is normal but trying to steer with the camera is not working properly. Thanks
  11. +1 please oh please oh please make this happen. I'd love to have beneficial/productive hedges than just a pretty but high maintenance fence. and ivy that can climb the sides of buildings, maybe make some kinds that are flowering like morning glories and bougainvilleas. the infamous honeysuckle could benefit bees too instead of just flowering grass
  12. This screenshot shows the mouse over on a tool in the crafting window has the "F: Repair" listed but pressing F doesnt work. . Changing to a custom key bind doesn't work either. Right clicking and selecting repair does work but if there's a hot key, I'd like to be able to use it. Also if we could get the craft window to work, could this (repairing with a default key on mouseover) work on the toolbelt too? If you have a custom key bind (set for repairing), pressing that key will work when mousing over the tool. The "F: repair" text doesn't show on the mouseover, nor the custom key bind, and also trying to just use the default "F" key doesn't work either. Both toolbelt and craft windows need right clicked to repair. Hope I didn't get too complicated there.
  13. Hey everyone, EasternStar here. I'm doing the catering so if anyone has any requests let me know. Going for a large variety. Szarin is handling the spirits.