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  1. Thank you Deyjan for organizing this. I’m your next door eastern neighbor (Keystone) and willing and able to assist in any way I can. Sending you a forum PM. Looking forward to working with you on this.
  2. Sad News

    Devastating news. I really didn't know Chaosmeow but talked with her a few times and saw her in local a lot as I live in the area. Godspeed to you Chaos.
  3. Congratulations Nitrofied. Please PM Junasi in-game or reply here the name I should send this to.
  4. Rare Goblin Leader Strange Bone All proceeds from this auction will be donated to a very important member of the Wurmrest Alliance. Starting bid: 35 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: no Reserve Buyout: no Buyout Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: not accepted
  5. Thanks everyone that made this possible. We all had a great time. Looks like really good faith gains at the sermon group. I’ll be selling the rare goblin leader strange bone we got to help a fellow alliance member. Keep an eye on trade chat tomorrow.
  6. Thanks Sinnjinn. Looking forward to the beat down!
  7. Thank you chaos! Veris will be there Sunday. Thanks for organizing this sir!
  8. My Vyn Priest Veris needs the journal entry. He is 42 channeling and will be 70 faith by then. Are those stats OK to join in? We are just south of Port C so easy access at that time. Thanks!
  9. Hi Trash... I'm still waiting for these. Are you still selling logs?
  10. Can you please CoD 10x 80+ and 10x 90+ logs to Junasi please?
  11. "Keystone" at 1805, 2970 Thank you!