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  1. Hello, how much for 25.440 kg? of High ql black dye - darkest black. Can you send that amount COD? So, if you can pls COD to Mino thankyou.
  2. Hello Sinnjinn, I'd like to get CoC/WoA casts @ 100+ 5s on a log for fletching. Can i mail to you?
  3. Fantastic idea!!! +1 AND a bag of chips
  4. I'd like to buy 2 95+ BoTD casts - can I just mail the items and get returned COD?
  5. Hello, I'm interested in getting two ebony 4 speed or 4speed w/ rare speed trait. if you have. Also two ebony draft horses. If you have any ebony
  6. I'd also like a 100 WOA cast on a saddle putting in the mail now as well.
  7. Hello, I'm looking for WOA/COC @ 80+ 1.8s X 4 logs I'm using for imping. I'm going to mail to you now please return COD if you're able to cast. Thank you
  8. Are you able to cast HD? I don't see it here. If so, can I get that on my Huge Axe? I forgot to add it with the other casts you did. BTW Thank you very much they are fantastic lol quick turn around also.
  9. I happened upon Oak hill ranch today and was amazed. I purchased an ebony 4 speed. Lyndee was extremely accommodating!. I will def be back Strongly recommend!!
  10. Hello, can I send you a Huge axe to have casted w/ the following: 80ql Nim - 80 LT - 80 Coc - 80 MS - 95 Coc 80+ - 2s Nim 80+ - 2.4s Mind Stealer: 80+ - 4s LT: 80+ - 4s Cost= 12.4s??