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  1. Working as intended? - Server Bugs - Wurm Online Forum Valrei changed we would like to see on DEFIANCE Once enough collectibles have been gathered on the valrei map and brought to your home tile the scenario should be won regardless of what other creature/avatar sits there
  2. Working as intended? Why is LiBila traveling to a tile we already occupy?
  3. Hello, how much for 25.440 kg? of High ql black dye - darkest black. Can you send that amount COD? So, if you can pls COD to Mino thankyou.
  4. Hello Sinnjinn, I'd like to get CoC/WoA casts @ 100+ 5s on a log for fletching. Can i mail to you?
  5. Fantastic idea!!! +1 AND a bag of chips
  6. I'd like to buy 2 95+ BoTD casts - can I just mail the items and get returned COD?